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The Holiday fans share horrifying theory about Jude Law’s character Graham

The Holiday fans share horrifying theory about Jude Law’s character Graham

Fans believe loveable widow Graham may have actually planned to kill off Cameron Diaz's character in a behind-the-scenes plot

It's hard to believe that rom-com blockbuster The Holiday was released to cinemas a staggering 17 YEARS AGO! Anyone feeling really old right now? Yep, me too.

Anyway, the iconic festive tear-jerker quickly became a staple for many fans' Christmas countdown, with millions of viewers settling down before a roaring fire each year, hot chocolate in hand, to watch the star-studded hit.

And is it any surprise? With a cast that colossal and a storyline so sickly sweet, there's no wonder it's many film-fans' festive favourite.

For the 0.00001 per cent of the population that HAVEN'T seen this Christmas movie, it stars Cameron Diaz as hot-headed, anti-relationship, workaholic Amanda from the States, and Kate Winslet as Iris, a mild-mannered and unlucky-in-love society columnist for the Daily Telegraph in London.

Tired of their turbulent love-lives, the duo swap homes, with Amanda crossing the pond to live in Iris' perfectly quaint English cottage and Iris moving into Amanda's jaw-dropping California mansion.

According to Reddit, there's a very sinister plot twist buried in The Holiday.

Like any early-noughties rom-com, the two women happen to meet local love interests that fill the gaps in their lives.

Whilst Iris strikes up a heart-warming romance with eccentric film composer Miles (funnyman Jack Black), Amanda falls head over heels for Iris' charmingly widowed older brother, Graham (played by none other than heartthrob Jude Law).

However, fans of this winter classic might be shocked to learn the gushy plotline is believed to feature a much more sinister behind-the-scenes plot.

In fact, a small group of social media users believe that the intertwining love stories may, in fact, be a ploy to distract viewers from a very real murder plot.

According to this wild theory - currently trending on Reddit - it is actually Jude Law's character Graham that is at the centre of a string of attempted murders.

Jude Law's character is believed to be an attempted murderer.
Universal Pictures

Many fans now believe that the loveable British widow plans kill off wealthy movie trailer producer Amanda and bag all of her riches, with the help of his sister Iris.

The theory that was posted online earlier this year reads: "Kate Winslet and Jude Law are laying a trap where he will seduce Cameron Diaz, marry her, kill her, and inherit her fortune."

The social media user then goes into eyebrow-raising detail about how exactly the siblings would go about arranging their wicked plan.

They allege that the house swap is arranged in order to determine whether or not Amanda is worth killing, before Graham goes on to 'accidentally' arrange the meeting with her at his sister's Iris' cottage.

"Now he and his sister have used the house swap scheme to get Cameron Diaz into their town while Kate Winslet can investigate and make sure Cameron has enough money and property (and no family/entanglements) to be worth the effort of seducing her and then disposing of her," the theory reads.

Cameron Diaz's character could have found herself a victim to a murder... though thankfully, she didn't!
IMDB/2006 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. and GH One LLC. All Rights Reserved.

“Kate is so overjoyed to see how grand and luxurious Cameron’s house is because she knows she and Jude have hit the jackpot.

"Meanwhile, Jude carefully sets up an ‘accidental’ meeting and manipulates Cameron to develop a relationship and get his claws into her."

The alleged behind-the-scenes plot goes one step further, arguing that grieving father Graham had in fact already killed his first wife with the hope of landing her elaborate house.

Talk about a plot twist?!

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