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Viewers will get second series of 'gripping' crime drama they can binge-watch in one day

Viewers will get second series of 'gripping' crime drama they can binge-watch in one day

The BBC iPlayer hit has blown viewers' minds

Has a crime-thrilling series ever left you so close to the edge of your seat that you're scared you might fall off?

Well, such was my very own reality last week when the final episode of a quickly-binged police drama unexpectedly ended on a cliffhanger like no other.

So much so, that ever since it concluded, I've been frantically researching a second series, hoping desperately that producers are as keen as I am to keep the heart-stopping party going.

And lo and behold, earlier today my prayers were answered, with a follow-up to critically-acclaimed series The Gone having FINALLY been announced.

This nerve-shattering banger was added to BBC iPlayer this week - following its original success in New Zealand and Ireland last year - with it's ending having seemingly left hundreds of UK fans (myself included) tearing their hair out.

Starring the likes of Richard Flood, Rachel Morgan, Michelle Fairley (a.k.a Catlin Stark from Game of Thrones!) and Simon Mead, this six-parter follows the mystery of an Irish couple who go missing in New Zealand.

An Irish detective teams up with authorities in New Zealand to try and solve the case, finding that 'no one is gone without a trace' in this small town with a 'dark history'.

"Has trouble found them, or did they go looking for it?" a synopsis asks.

But, as I say, it isn't just the spine-tingling storyline, big-name cast, stellar acting or sublime cinematography that has telly-lovers talking - it's the unforeseen cliffhanger ending, that has left viewers desperate for a second series.

Many people have binged the whole series in one.

"wow, bloody loved it, never guessed in a million yrs, really good, can't wait for season 2 BRAVO 💖 #thegone"," one wrote on social media this week.

Another penned: "Just finished watching #TheGone loved it. Set up great for a second season."

A third went on: "Just binged #TheGone on @BBCiPlayer great Irish/New Zealand cast, gripping story, but, OMG swear at the TV ending!!"

And today, after what feels like years of anticipation, Radio Times appeared to confirm a follow-up series.

Apparently, The Gone was given the go-ahead by original broadcasters RTE and TVNZ for a sequel series earlier this year, with filming having already kicked off in February across Auckland, and will continue in Dublin in the coming weeks.

The only downside is, however, that we don't currently have a release date to look forward to (boo!).

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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