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Stephen Mulhern responds after Ricky Hatton 'knocks him out' live on Dancing on Ice

Stephen Mulhern responds after Ricky Hatton 'knocks him out' live on Dancing on Ice

The TV presenter took to Twitter to share his response to the punch

I'm sure many of us were beyond buzzing to cosy up last night (14 January) to finally watch the long-awaited new series of Dancing on Ice.

However, it seems as if viewers got more than they bargained for after former professional boxer, Ricky Hatton, punched co-host, Stephen Mulhern, live on the ITV skating competition.

Since then, the Deal or No Deal presenter has now shared his response to the Dancing on Ice punch, which has sent the internet into a total frenzy. Have a look at the punch here:

It all started with Holly Willoughby welcoming Stephen, who is Phillip Schofield’s replacement following his departure from ITV - which came after he admitted to having an affair with a This Morning colleague while still married to his wife - to the show.

During the programme, she said: "To the greatest show on ice, and let’s hear it for the amazing cast of 2024. Let me just say a huge welcome to Stephen Mulhern."

The two presenters carried on with the show as the first six of the 12 celebs taking part in the 2024 series took to the ice.

However, before any skating commenced, there were gaps all over the rink after Ricky planted a pretty hard-looking punch on Stephen's arm.

As part of what appeared to be a staged bit, Holly was chatting to the show's first set of couples when Stephen started faffing around with the mic, while announcing that the vote had now closed.

Ricky Hatton landed a blow to Stephen Mulhern's arm on Dancing on Ice.

During the bit, Stephen asked Ricky to hold the microphone for him in the style of one a boxing announcer would use, but after he had finished his announcement to the camera, Hatton dropped the microphone down.

Stephen then responded by moving the microphone back three times, while Holly told Ricky to just 'hit him'.

She clearly didn't have to tell Ricky twice after he punched Stephen on the arm, sending him off his feet and onto the ground.

Holly was left beyond gobsmacked, gasping and covering her mouth in shock.

Viewers have since taken to social media to share their reactions to the punch, with one X, formerly Twitter, user writing: "It's all kicking off on Dancing on Ice."

"Not Ricky Hatton actually punching Stephen Mulhern," penned a second.

Another quipped: "Ricky Hatton just punched and knocked Stephen Mulhern over on live TV!"

"OMG! It looked like Ricky Hatton really walloped Stephen Mulhern then!" echoed a fourth, while a final user chimed in: "I bet Stephen Mulhern now has a dead arm after Ricky Hatton just clobbered him on Dancing on Ice."

Stephen revealed he is 'already starting to bruise' following the punch.

Following the episode's airing, a message on Ricky's Twitter, page read: "Ricky even landing knockout blows on @dancingonice! Hope you’re okay @StephenMulhern."

Taking it in jest, Stephen later responded: "I’m already starting to bruise!"

Many other viewers commented below Stephen's tweet, clearly also seeing the comical side to the moment.

"Loved it. Sorry Stephen. I hope it wasn’t too sore!" wrote one Twitter user.

A second congratulated: "It was funny though! So proud of you, you smashed it!"

"Take a bow, you were amazing. Had me laughing non-stop," echoed a final fan.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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