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Race Across The World viewers 'in tears' as James breaks down in emotional moment for sister Betty

Race Across The World viewers 'in tears' as James breaks down in emotional moment for sister Betty

The BBC hit is currently on its fourth instalment

BBC viewers were left reaching for the tissues during the latest instalment of travel-reality series Race Across The World, which landed on our screens last night.

For those unfamiliar with the premise of the hit show, it sees five teams of two - often family members, friends or couples who seek to strengthen their relationship - challenged to get from Point A and Point B as fast as possible with a very limited budget.

The first instalment - which took to our screens all the way back in 2019 - saw each team race as fast as they can from London to Marina Bay, Singapore, whilst the second series featured from Mexico City to the world's southernmost city, Ushuaia in Argentina.

Series three saw the group dash from one side of Canada to the other, whilst the most recent instalment - which kicked off with an eagerly-awaited bang earlier this month - follows a race from Sapporo in Northern Japan to the Indonesian island and Lombok.

It isn't just the honour of being the quickest and most cost-efficient duo that each year's winning team is able to win, however - and it's not just the £20k either, no, no. What seems to be the most important takeaway for the winning pair, time and time again, is the newfound closeness that each team is able to boast following the arduous journeys.

Viewers were left sobbing during last night's episode. (BBC)
Viewers were left sobbing during last night's episode. (BBC)

Whether it's a mother-son duo who'd grown apart, or a couple that needed a flame reigniting in their relationship, the BBC show seems to have a magical ability to strengthen kinships.

And nothing provided further evidence of that than last night's instalment, which saw siblings James and Betty enjoy an emotional heart-to-heart, which apparently left even the most hard-faced of viewers teary-eyed.

On the show, Betty initiated the conversation by making a series of brave admissions about her life with MRKH Syndrome (Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser), a condition characterised by an underdeveloped vagina and uterus.

The 25-year-old bravely told viewers: "It means I don't have a uterus, I don’t have a womb, and I only have one kidney as well."

She continued: "As a young woman, you're kind of told you are going to marry and you're going to have a family. From a young age when that is taken away from you, it does put doubts in your mind about your purpose as a person."

James was moved by his sister's admission. (BBC)t
James was moved by his sister's admission. (BBC)t

Breaking down to her brother, Betty went on: "I want to brave and resilient but with my condition, I do believe it's made me have this mindset of being negative and not really liking the person I am."

Gushing over his sister's admission, James - who was even forced to ask the cameraman to hug him during the heart-wrenching interaction - explained: "It's the first time we've talked about it and I've heard it from Betty herself. It's only up until now that I've realised how much it actually affects here."

And as we say, it seemingly isn't just James that was touched by Betty's honesty, with viewers claiming her confessional left them emotional.

"James and Betty both made me cry tonight," one viewer tweeted. "Wanted to hug them both! #BettyAndJames's Sis & Bro bond will never be broken! This has made them so close."

Another went on: "Betty opening up about her health condition to James & to see him being so supportive was such a moving moment in this weeks Race Across the World.

Viewers were left in tears. (BBC)
Viewers were left in tears. (BBC)

"I'm so glad one of the camera crew gave him a hug. The change in their dynamic has been so lovely to see!"

"Such a moment of vulnerability on Race Across the World tonight. Never be afraid to reach out when you need help and support," added a third.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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