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People praise Jacob Elordi for doing better Elvis accent than Austin Butler in new Priscilla trailer

People praise Jacob Elordi for doing better Elvis accent than Austin Butler in new Priscilla trailer

The two stars' Elvis performances are being compared to each other

People have been praising Jacob Elordi for doing a better Elvis accent than Austin Butler in the new Priscilla trailer.

Following Butler's portrayal of the music icon in the epic biographical drama film co-produced and directed by Baz Luhrmann, Elvis (2022), fans will be happy to know there's another flick on the block all about the life of the 'King of Rock and Roll'.

The upcoming A24 movie, written by the iconic Sofia Coppola who directed Marie Antoinette, The Virgin Suicides and Lost in Translation, is set to hit UK theatres next year (5 January 2024). Check out the trailer here:

The American biographical drama written, directed and co-produced by Coppola is based on the 1985 memoir Elvis and Me by Priscilla Presley.

Now, while this upcoming film focusses more on the personal life of Priscilla, played by Cailee Spaeny, and her relationship with 'Hound Dog' hit-maker, portrayed by the Euphoria star - people can't seem to stop drawing comparisons between Elordi and Butler's respective performances.

Since the release of the highly-anticipated trailer, many fans have rushed to social media to share their reactions and seemingly couldn't help but weigh up Elordi's portrayal of Elvis with Butler's.

Jacob Elordi stars as Elvis in the upcoming Priscilla film.

One X user penned: "Austin Butler really wasted 3+ years of his life cosplaying Elvis just for a year later Jacob Elordi [to] come and do a better accent and better performance in general than he did."

"Austin Butler did his best Elvis impersonation but Jacob Elordi is just acting, which is why his accent works," declared a second.

A final user added: "Jacob Elordi as Elvis outsold Austin Butler as Elvis by a landslide, like his accent is sooooo much better than Austin’s and he’s a native AUSTRALIAN."

Priscilla will be released to theatres 5 January, 2024.

Featured Image Credit: Franco Origlia/Getty Images/A24

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