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Viewers left 'crying' over 'sick AF' horror movie branded 'scariest film of the decade'

Viewers left 'crying' over 'sick AF' horror movie branded 'scariest film of the decade'

The horror film stars Nicolas Cage

While many of us know we’ll have to watch from behind a cushion, we love putting ourselves through the sheer stress of a horror movie.

Some might have you jumping out of your skin for two hours, but as the credits roll you can turn over to Gogglebox and resume normal life.

However, every now and again we get one that doesn’t leave you quite so easily...

A new Nicolas Cage horror flick is proving so terrifying that it’s not just left some people in tears, it’s also giving viewers actual nightmares afterwards.

Not-so-lucky viewers were treated to a surprise screening on Friday evening at Beyond Fest, a film festival in LA, having had no idea what they were set to watch.

The film had a surprise screening on Friday (Neon)
The film had a surprise screening on Friday (Neon)

Festivalgoers were initially led to believe it might be the forthcoming Wicked musical as they took their seats, as a logo appeared on the screen, only for writer and director Oz Perkins to walk out to introduce his new horror movie.

What they watched instead was a ‘sick AF’ film following an FBI agent in pursuit of a serial killer (Cage), as she uncovers a series of occult clues that she must solve to bring his murder spree to an end.

And if you hadn’t heard of the film before, you will now, as the reaction to Longlegs has been ALL OVER social media after traumatising film fans and critics alike.

Watch the trailer below:

One person wrote: “It’s as if #Longlegs was forged in Hell by Satan, who brought it as an artifact into our world as a gift. Osgood Perkins’ film is the real f**king s**t. Mischievous, steadied tension build, SCARY & SICK AF. Maika Monroe is terrific. Nicolas Cage is in pure weirdo mode.”

In another tweet, she added: “If you were wondering: Yes, I didn’t sleep well last night after seeing #Longlegs and, yes, I had bad dreams.”

Someone else said: “Not many movies make you feel like you’re drowning in dread quite like Longlegs. Even when Oz Perkins’ latest film is at its most terrifying, you can’t take your eyes off it. The Devil is truly in the details! I think we’ve found the scariest film of the decade. #LonglegsFilm.”

A third commented: “I spent last night in a paranoid panic while watching Osgood Perkins' #LONGLEGS. 100 minutes of unrelenting, claustrophobic, and overwhelming dread. Powered by an intensely angular performance from Maika Monroe and Nic Cage let fully off the leash. Every frame a nightmare.”

Another said it was a ‘pure nightmare fuel from start to finish’, explaining how the film ‘got into the juicy bits wayyyy faster’ than they were ready for.

Longlegs premieres in US cinemas on 12 July, while a UK release is yet to be announced.

Featured Image Credit: Neon Films

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