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Netflix viewers stunned by x-rated scenes in new series that's being called 'the worst show of 2023'

Netflix viewers stunned by x-rated scenes in new series that's being called 'the worst show of 2023'

Subscribers to the streaming service seem to be pretty shocked about this one.

A new X-rated TV show is drawing the attention of Netflix streamers, but for all the wrong reasons.

Streaming service subscribers will know that the platform isn’t adverse to its projects showing a little skin. Stacey Rukeyser’s Sex/Life, Shondaland series Bridgerton and Spanish show Elite often show their cast getting pretty steamy with one another.

Last month, Netflix added another fiery series to this list, and viewers have taken to social media to express their shock.

The show is called Obliterated, and if this is the first time you're hearing about it then check out the trailer for the raunchy comedy series:

The show stars Nick Zano, Shelley Hennig and Terrence Terrell, as well as Kimi Rutledge and Eugene Kim, and is set in Las Vegas.

The synopsis of the action dramedy reads: “A special forces team thwarts a deadly plot in Sin City and parties accordingly.

“But when the real threat emerges, they must sober up to save Las Vegas”.

Created by Jon Hurwitz, Hayden Schlossberg and Josh Heald, Obliterated consists of eight episodes and has drawn comparisons to The Hangover trilogy and the Mission Impossible saga.

However, critics and Netflix subscribers alike are panning the US series due to it featuring seemingly unnecessary full-frontal nudity, drug taking and ‘vulgar language’.

The Telegraph wrote: "Call off the search: the worst show of 2023 is here."

New TV series 'Obliterated' is dividing the internet.

Elsewhere, an X user (formerly Twitter) wrote: “So Netflix has a new Godawful series called Obliterated. It has everything - nudity, drugs, alcohol, vulgar language.

“My problem: Why isn't this censored? The content is near-pornographic. Netflix should have said no to a show that is this objectively painfully unwatchable. 3/10.”

A second said: “Since when did they start showing full frontal d***s on Netflix??”

“Watching something called Obliterated on Netflix. I can’t believe how bad it is. So bad but I can’t stop,” commented another.

A fourth said: “Obliterated on Netflix is absolutely wild I didn't know Netflix was showing full on d***s and multiple of them like !!! Was NOT expecting this.”

Viewers have complained about show's nudity level.

“Black men there’s an action show on Netflix called Obliterated,” said another show viewer.

“Don’t watch it, not gonna go into why because it’s graphic but do yourself a favour and don’t watch.”

While many are canning the limited series - which currently has a 50 percent average score on Rotten Tomatoes' Tomatometer - others believe it’s one of the best offerings this year.

After tuning into the new TV show, one X user said: “Obliterated on NETFLIX was the funniest s**t I've seen in a while from an action-packed series!

That was absolutely made for me and my dark-a**, high-a** humour. I loved it! 10/10.”

The eight-episode show dropped on the streaming service at the end of November.

“Just shut up and watch #Obliterated on Netflix. 8 hours of stupid, ridiculous, hormonal, and beautifully executed action comedy,” commented a second.

“Watched one episode, stayed up all night to watch the rest knowing I had work in the morning, couldn’t stop watching it’s so good. Highly recommended,” said another.

The jury may still be undecided on this project, but if you want a taste then all episodes of Sony's Obliterated series are available to stream on Netflix now.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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