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Naked Attraction star dubbed ‘most savage contestant’ to ever go on show after brutal move

Naked Attraction star dubbed ‘most savage contestant’ to ever go on show after brutal move

She didn't hold back...

Ever since it first graced our screens back in 2016, Naked Attraction has been serving up a whole load of full-frontal nudity, cringe-worthy encounters and straight-up chaos.

In case you're somehow unfamiliar with the concept, the hit Channel 4 dating show, hosted by Anna Richardson, involves one clothed single person presented with a gallery of six nude potential partners.

However, the hopeful singletons are hidden behind differently-coloured pods that incrementally reveal themselves from the bottom up.

In the latest episode, which aired yesterday (13 March), one Naked Attraction star has since made history after being dubbed the 'most savage contestant' to ever go on the show. See for yourself:

The contestant in question is none other than 70-year-old Sandra who headed onto the show in the hopes of finding Mr Right.

After whittling down her prospective suitors, Sandra was left with a decision to make between Paul and John.

While she struggled settling on a choice, Sandra eventually landed on John.

But, after an unsuccessful first date, the pair found that love wasn't in the cards for them with Sandra later opening up about the reasons why she reckoned the romance didn't flourish in a catch-up five weeks later.

Sandra thought John was 'too forward' after asking to hold her hand and noted that he wasn't the best listener.

"I would certainly like to stay friends with you," she added to which John agreed 'without a doubt'.

Sandra, 70, has been hailed as Naked Attraction as the 'most savage' ever contestant.
Channel 4

However, in the reunion, Sandra then dropped a major bombshell that she'd actually got in touch with Paul.

"Well," she began, "since you and I went on the date, I did contact the guy in the blue pod, Paul.

"And I've brought him here today!"

"Oh, there's a surprise," John responded seconds before his competition rocked onto the set and sat between him and Sandra on the sofa.

When asked how he was feeling, Paul replied: "I'm very happy to be here!

"I felt that me and Sandra had more in common than John and Sandra did so we went out on a date yesterday and it was very good, very successful, we enjoyed each other's company."

Sandra then revealed: "I find Paul listens more and he's certainly not forward - although we did have a kiss."

Sandra brought Paul along to her and John's reunion chat.
Channel 4

Opening up about how he felt about the whole ordeal and taking it like a champ, John said: "I think it's brilliant!

"If they become a couple and head off into the sand dunes together then that's wonderful."

However, he did make sure to add: "And it remains to be seen if the best man has won."

Viewers have since rushed to social media to share their reactions to the episode with one X, formerly Twitter, user writing: "She invited another contestant?? Sandra is the most savage person I’ve seen on this show!"

"Sandra the player," joked a second, while a third piped up: "Oh Sandra you minx! She should’ve picked Paul in the first place!"

And a final Twitter user praised: "Sandra is cool as f**k isn't she?"

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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