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Michael Barrymore says he's 'back to his best' in first interview in years

Michael Barrymore says he's 'back to his best' in first interview in years

Michael Barrymore was a fixture on UK television in the 1990s, but it all fell apart. Now, he's back to his best after 'years of misery'

Michael Barrymore says that he is ‘back to his best’ as he returns to TV after '20 years of misery’.

The presenter was a staple of 90s telly, hosting loads of shows like Kids Say the Funniest Things, Strike It Lucky, and My Kind of People.

Barrymore even had his own show and appeared at the Royal Variety Performance in 1993, but his life took a serious downturn after Stuart Lubbock, a man attending a party at his house, died in his swimming pool.

Michael went from being a household name to having no career at all overnight, but now he’s back and gave an interview to the Daily Star.

Michael Barrymore is back, and - would you believe? - on TikTok.

Barrymore explained: “I went through a period where I wasn’t sure if people would point at me.

“I dealt with it by realising there is always somebody worse off.

“I had a mate who had a seven-year-old son with cancer.

“I said, ‘Would you take everything I’m dealing with for him to be well?’. And it was a no-brainer.”

Now, he’s back and working again, and says that has brought back his happiness.

“I can’t tell you how happy I am now,” he continued.

“I’m the busiest I’ve ever been and I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.

“I am probably the fittest I’ve been, too.

“I walk a lot, I eat well and I do what I love.

“I’m 71 and I feel fitter than I was when I was 40 when I was drinking and all that.”

Barrymore says he's never been happier.
Karwai Tang/WireImage/Getty

Michael was married to wife Cheryl for 21 years, but came out as gay in 1995, as recounted by drag artist Dave Lynn, who witnessed the sensational announcement in East London’s White Swan pub from on the stage.

"Before I could go any further, he said 'I think I’m gay today' took his ring off and threw it on the floor," Dave explained.

In 2001, Barrymore’s world came crashing down after Lubbock was found unconscious in his pool with ‘serious’ anal injuries.

No charges were ever brought after the incident, which took place after Barrymore invited a number of people back to his house.

Despite denying all knowledge of what happened, Barrymore was sacked by ITV, and fell into a depression that he admitted nearly caused him to take his own life.

Speaking to Jeremy Kyle in 2014, Barrymore said he had experienced suicidal thoughts and also battled depression and substance misuse issues.

He said: "When you're in the depths and the throes of your depression and your addiction, I end up in the corner of the room staring at the wall.

"And it doesn't matter how big the house is or how small the flat is, you end up in exactly the same spot thinking 'What's the point?'"

Barrymore was an ITV mainstay during the 1990s.
Avalon/Getty Images

On finding Lubbock’s body, he added: "I just froze. That was my very first thought.

"I ran back into the house to get help, then the two boys started giving CPR and then the ambulance was called for and that in turn calls the police. And I was stood...just in complete shock.

"The first thing I did wasn't run away, the first thing I did was run to get help."

Michael had attempted to make a comeback onto telly in 2019, but his time on Dancing on Ice was sadly cut short after he broke his wrist.

These days, he’s something of an unlikely social media star, boasting 1.7m followers on his TikTok, where he shares funny videos of himself, as well as updating fans on how he’s getting on.

He's also just co-directed a show - Laurel & Chaplin: The Feud - in London's West End, and received a standing ovation on opening night.

So, perhaps Barrymore is back, after all.

Featured Image Credit: Avalon/Getty Images / Karwai Tang/WireImage

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