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Channel 4 launching new dating show that's 'Married at First Sight meets Love is Blind'

Channel 4 launching new dating show that's 'Married at First Sight meets Love is Blind'

The incoming show will see an explosive series of plot-twists

If you thought the reality TV dating market was becoming oversaturated in recent years, be warned, there's a brand new love-hungry series on the horizon.

Apparently, however, the latest on-screen fame-fest is being described as the explosive lovechild of Married At First Sight and Love Is Blind.

So, by that logic, I'm predicting a dollop of turning-heads, a splash of name-hurling confrontations, a sprinkle of sorrowful splits, and BAGS of sexual tension... sounds like the dream concoction to me!

Love Triangle - brought to telly-lovers by Channel 4 after already proving a success Down Under, having been launched by the network Stan in 2011 - sees a batch of six unlucky-in-love singles make a choice between two hand-picked partners.

This marks the MAFS aspect of the show.

The plot twist is, however, that the choosers are only able to form a connection with their selected partner by communicating with them via text... I know, modern dating at its finest.

It's only once they meet up on their blind date that they'll finally be able assess whether their digital connection is as strong in real life as it is on the phone.

Then - in an even more dramatic twist of fate - the newly-formed couple then receive the opportunity to immediately move in together (marking the Love Is Blind aspect), in the hope of 'fast-tracking their relationship'.

It is then that the rejected contestant will make a shock return to the show to form... wait for it... a love triangle.

Six singles will attempt to meet their match.
Channel 4

After being given the chance to date both potentials, the singleton is then forced to make the ultimate decision: which dater do they see a future with, and who will they give the boot?

The riveting synopsis reads: "Turning their backs on the overwhelming stream of choice, the singles’ options will be shrunk to just two to choose between.

"One match embodies each single’s usual wants, type and desires; the other reflects their deeper, more fulfilling romantic needs."

Chills, literal chills.

Even more exciting is the fact that Channel 4 producers have already announced the list of upcoming contestants, including...

Dan, 28, North Wales, Entrepreneur

Frequent holiday-maker Dan is the CEO of his own company (ooh!), but having had his heart broken recently and undergone therapy, he's now ready to 'find his perfect match'.

Dan, Danika and Jasmine.
Channel 4

Apparently, he's seeking someone 'kind-hearted and emotionally intelligent'. Aren't we all?

Danika, 30, Reading, Trainee PT

If you can believe it, this beauty went FOUR years without going on a single date.

Now, however, she's looking for someone as passionate about fitness as she is, who can also handle her huge family and has 'a good sense of humour and good chat'.

Jasmine, 22, Wiltshire, Teaching Assistant

Despite a relationship history consisting of triumphant Paralympians and big-name actors, this primary school teacher is desperate to determine the good eggs from the bad, and is seeking a 'tall, dark and handsome' man who'll 'accept her for who she is'. N'aww.

Lloyd, 31, Manchester, DJ

Lloyd, Mike and ZaraLena.
Channel 4

This music-maker has been around... and we mean that literally.

Having grown up in France before moving to London, and then to Norway, before landing back in the UK, Lloyd is looking for a 'tall girl' with a 'great body' that can keep up with his jet-setter lifestyle.

Mike, 40, Sheffield, Ex-Pro Basketballer

The oldest (and tallest) of our contestants, Canadian-born Mike is hoping to put his personal life first for once, after a long and impressive sporting career.

Despite being 'no spring chicken', he wants to meet 'a woman who looks good and is a natural beauty!'

ZaraLena, 31, Preston, Entrepreneur

Having tragically suffered stress-induced alopecia universalis during her last relationship - which caused all of her hair to fall out in just six weeks - ZaraLena is now looking for her Mr Right.

Apparently, he'll share the 'same sex-positive attitude' she does, being that she considers a lack of sex to be a 'huge deal-breaker' in a relationship.

Go, girl!

Love Triangle will land on E4 later this month.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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