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Love Actually fan theory will change the way you see Harry and Karen's heartbreaking storyline

Love Actually fan theory will change the way you see Harry and Karen's heartbreaking storyline

The festive favourite may have a twist

Christmas is now only a matter of days away and I'm sure many of us are cosying up to the festive classics as we countdown to big day.

Apart from The Holiday, Home Alone and - of course - Elf, Love Actually is definitely up there as one of the Christmas favourites and has been for the last two decades.

However, there's one theory about the beloved rom-com that may change the way you see Harry and Karen's heartbreaking storyline.

The film, which first graced our screens and warmed our hearts back in 2003, follows the tangled and complicated and love lives of various couples during Christmas time.

Now, incase you need your memory refreshed, there several separate love stories in Love Actually and most of them are pretty problematic.

Whether you're talking about Mark (Andrew Lincoln), who falls in love with his best mate's wife and makes a move at her while her hubby watches the telly, Juliet (Keira Knightley) who responds to such a pass by kissing him on the lips before running home to her husband or the tear-jerking affair Harry (Alan Rickman) had while married to Karen (Emma Thompson) - it's not surprising that fans would be after something a little less toxic from one of the film's couplings.

Fans reckon Daniel and Karen would be perfect together.
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One fan theory has claimed that such a healthy relationship could be found with Daniel, a grieving step-father to Sam played by Liam Neeson, and Karen and that the pair could have potentially ended up together.

Given that Daniel was a widower and Karen had been effectively cheated on and that the two often relied on each other for emotional support throughout the film - this could have been plausible.

At the end of the feel-good flick, Karen confronts Daniel about his affair yet the outcome of the conversation was never concluded while Daniel bumps into his dream woman, Carol, who was played by none other than supermodel Claudia Schiffer.

However, when he does stumble into her, Daniel mistakenly calls her Karen as opposed to Carol which has sparked a whole load of speculation from viewers who reckon he was in love with Karen the entire time.

I ship it.
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One fan wrote, as per Heart: "Just found out Emma Thompson and Liam Neeson in Love Actually aren't actually siblings??? And when he accidentally calls Claudia Schaffer 'Karen' instead of 'Carol' he was actually thinking about Emma Thompson's character???"

Another added: "I've watched Love Actually 4,000 times. HOW DID I NEVER REALIZE THAT LIAM NEESON IS IN LOVE WITH EMMA THOMPSON?"

A third wrote: "Want there to be a Love Actually 2 just so emma thompson and liam neeson end up together."

What do you reckon?

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