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Louise Thompson forced to defend 'toxic' fiancé Ryan Libbey from worried fans

Louise Thompson forced to defend 'toxic' fiancé Ryan Libbey from worried fans

The Made In Chelsea star's husband-to-be came under fire from her fans

Having the ins and outs of your personal life splashed across the front pages and up for discussion from fans must be difficult for big-name celebrities.

It's really no wonder that the majority of stars prefer to remain tight-lipped about their various break-ups and make-ups.

And this week, Made In Chelsea star Louise Thompson has been forced to defend her relationship with fiancé Ryan Libbey after fans expressed concern over his 'questionable' behaviour.

The 33-year-old high-profile reality star took to Instagram this week to reveal that her MIC co-star and father of her two-year-old son Leo had banned her from eating chocolate.

Louise shared a snap of a chocolate bar, upon which fitness trainer Ryan, also 33, had attached a note warning her not to eat it.

"This is not allowed. Think about your gut/butt", the message read.

Ryan Libbey's recent behaviour towards wife-to-be Louise Thompson has been branded 'toxic'.

Ryan's controversial note resulted in a multitude of followers reaching out to Louise - who herself has suffered with several mental health difficulties including PTSD since welcoming her son in 2021.

"I love you guys. This feels toxic though," one follower penned to the reality star in her Instagram DMs.

Louise - having unforeseen the backlash that Ryan's apparently light-hearted note - was subsequently surprised by her fans' concerns and was forced to defend her husband-to-be.

The mother-of-one then explained that Ryan's message wasn't one to be concerned about, and that it was instead based on her recent health woes.

Louise - who was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in 2018 - later clarified in another story: "FYI he's referring to my butt because I have horrendous butt problems with my inflammatory bowel disease..."

She went on to jibe: "We stopped caring about the shape of my butt a long time ago".

Louise was forced to defend her fiancé.

Her admission comes just weeks after detailed her struggles with ulcerative colitis, which is a chronic bowel condition that affects the colon and rectum.

This particular illness can cause its patients to suffer with extreme weight loss, leading Louise - who also suffers with Lupus - to later share a video showing her weighing herself and revealing she weighs 7st 12.5lbs [110.5lbs], admitting she checks her weight regularly out of fear of losing any.

To mark Crohn's and Colitis Awareness Week earlier this year, she opened up about her struggles with the condition, and described having a 'tough time' recently.

"Hello, My name is Louise and I have ulcerative colitis. This week is Crohn's and Colitis Awareness Week," she wrote at the time. I was diagnosed in 2018. I became worried when I noticed quite a lot of blood in my poo that came out of nowhere.

Louise suffers with ulcerative colitis.

"I didn't know much about inflammatory bowel diseases but my main concern was the fact that a few of my close family members had suffered with aggressive bowel cancer."

Louise went on to explain that she initially believed her symptoms would "go away over time", before she underwent a colonoscopy and was offered medication.

She concluded her statement by telling her followers: "Let's break down the stigma around poo and get to the bottom of this wretched disease!

"More research is necessary especially given that the prevalence of this autoimmune condition seems to be on the rise."

"Let's cut the c**p and start talking about our experiences/symptoms and what diagnosis was like for you to help make those who feel isolated and stuck, feel less alone. Love, L x."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@louise.thompson

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