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ITV bosses force Lorraine Kelly to apologise after repeatedly swearing live on air

ITV bosses force Lorraine Kelly to apologise after repeatedly swearing live on air

She thought she was alright to say the word on air

Lorraine Kelly has apologised after she and Damian Lewis let out a couple of curses live on air well before the watershed.

The Billions star had appeared on Lorraine's sofa to chat about his new album, Mission Creep, as well as discuss some of his TV work.

Things took a turn after talk turned to the topic of Billions, with Lewis having left the show at the end of season five before making a return for the seventh and final season.

In a brilliant sales pitch for the uninitiated viewer, Lewis described Billions as 'a show about a**eholes being a**eholes' to which Lorraine promptly agreed, repeating those exact same words back to him.

She then waved her hand as though imagining the phrase would be a good tagline for the show, before the pair kept discussing the show and joking that Lorraine herself was a billionaire.

However, it turned out that Lorraine and Lewis were in a bit of trouble as they ended up having to apologise at the end of the segment.

Lorraine had to apologise after she said 'a**eholes' on live TV.

If you go back and watch the show on ITVX the cursing has been snipped out, but they have kept in Lorraine's apology as after the interview with Lewis wrapped up, she touched her ear as though she was getting instructions from the gallery.

She said: "This is hilarious, I've just been told we have to apologise for you saying 'a-hole'. And I said it as well, I have to apologise for myself."

Lewis, who let's be fair did say it first, also apologised and noted that he was keeping his language under control as he hadn't told the full story of what former footballer, Zinedine Zidane, had said to him after the actor had clattered him with a tackle in a charity match.

"Don't say that, we'll never work again," Lorraine told him through bouts of laughter before saying that she 'thought that word was allowed'.

"You know everybody watching went 'ooh' and they're so offended. Not."

In her defence, it was Damian Lewis who started it.

Lorraine then went to an advert break, with viewers promised the latest update on Jennifer Aniston's inflatable trousers when the show returned.

If anything, the viewers at home were pretty amused by the whole thing if their reaction on social media is anything to go by.

One said they 'didn't quite expect Lorraine to blurt out a**eholes this morning', while another posted a bunch of laughing emojis and said 'don't apologise' because 'there are far worse things in the world'.

Others wondered is 'a**ehole really that bad of a word' while someone else said: "A**eholes on Lorraine and boobs on This Morning.

"What a time to be alive."

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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