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‘Heartbreaking’ series inspired by true story with near perfect Rotten Tomatoes score you can watch on on BBC iPlayer

‘Heartbreaking’ series inspired by true story with near perfect Rotten Tomatoes score you can watch on on BBC iPlayer

Many have compared it to Netflix's Baby Reindeer

Now that the dust has begun to settle with regards to Netflix's Baby Reindeer, the gripping seven-part series about a severe case of stalking and abuse, viewers have been on the lookout for what to watch next.

Baby Reindeer fans were hooked by the retelling of Richard Gadd's real-life story, in which he played himself, opposite his stalker who he fictionalised as 'Martha', played by Jessica Gunning.

Jessica Gunning as Martha in Baby Reindeer. (Netflix)
Jessica Gunning as Martha in Baby Reindeer. (Netflix)

There is something undeniably enthralling about being offered a glimpse into somebody's real life experiences, even when the details are hard to stomach.

People have been taking to social media to urge others to watch the 'next best thing' - a visceral and powerfully necessary BBC drama that aired in 2020.

Also inspired by true-to-life events, the critically-acclaimed series went on to land seven Emmy nominations and the award for Outstanding Writing.

I am, of course, talking about I May Destroy You, written and created by 36-year-old writer, actor and filmmaker Michaela Coel.

I May Destroy You is an incredibly affecting and dazzling 12-part series that chronicles the aftermath of being drugged and sexually assaulted on a night out.

Coel's drama holds an incredible 98 percent critics score on aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes.

It was lauded by critics and viewers alike. Lucy Mangan, a reviewer for The Guardian, wrote that I May Destroy You is 'an astonishing, beautiful, thrilling series - a sexual-consent drama if you want the one-line pitch, but so, so much more than that'.

The series was released in 2020. (HBO/BBC)
The series was released in 2020. (HBO/BBC)

Coel, who plays the lead role of Arabella, gave an astonishing lecture at Edinburgh International Television Festival in 2018, and shared that she herself is a survivor of sexual assault.

She detailed her harrowing experience that took place while she was writing her first television show, the Channel 4 comedy Chewing Gum.

Coel said: "I was working overnight in the company's offices.

"I had an episode due at 7 a.m. I took a break and had a drink with a good friend who was nearby.

"I emerged into consciousness typing season two, many hours later. I was lucky - I had a flashback. It turned out I had been sexually assaulted by strangers."

Coel opened up further to Radio 1 Newsbeat about writing I May Destroy You. She said: "It's been quite hard, but cathartic because I'm reflecting on a dark time rather than feeling it is happening to me right now."

Michaela Coel in I May Destroy You. (HBO/BBC)
Michaela Coel in I May Destroy You. (HBO/BBC)

Despite airing back in 2020, I May Destroy You is getting another wave of well-deserved praise in the aftermath of Baby Reindeer.

One person wrote on X, formerly Twitter: "The closest thing to Baby Reindeer is I May Destroy You - two powerful, beautiful, transformative works of art that capture trauma, grief, abuse and every shade of joy, heartbreak, anger, love, shame and catharsis that exist within each."

While another commented: "Baby Reindeer was a lot, like I’ve haven’t watched a show like this since I May Destroy You. It was so honest and raw. I hope that guy has love and peace now."

Someone else added: "I MAY DESTROY YOU, absolutely brilliant and heartbreaking."

And another penned: "If you enjoyed Baby Reindeer, I encourage you to watch I May Destroy You on BBC iPlayer, Michaela Coel deserves everything."

All twelve episodes of I May Destroy You are available to stream on BBC iPlayer now.

Featured Image Credit: HBO

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