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Holly Willoughby shocks fans after making cameo in Midsomer Murders

Holly Willoughby shocks fans after making cameo in Midsomer Murders

The This Morning host finally made her appearance in the beloved mystery drama

Holly Willoughby has shocked fans after making a cameo appearance in Midsomer Murders.

The This Morning host acted on the British detective drama in the sixth episode of the 22nd season, The Witches of Angels Rise, which was actually filmed two years ago yet it was only broadcasted last night (27 August),

The episode sees Willoughby cast alongside Eastenders' Colin Salmon as well as Neil Dudgeon, who plays leading role DCI John Barnaby in the ITV drama series and Nick Hendrix who stars as DS Jamie Winter. Check it out:

Hendrix described Willoughby's involvement in the episode as 'hilarious and random', telling Radio Times: "It was lovely, and she's a professional performer in some ways.

"She's had years of being on camera and therefore she was obviously brilliant."

He continued: "I know that for her the big challenge was learning lines rather than reading them, and also not looking at the camera as opposed to staring at the camera.

"But she's a pro, and wonderful and lovely, and she's a big fan, so I think for her it was exciting to be there, and it was nice for us to have her there.

"It's a bit of fun for us and a great thing for the fans."

And the fans most definitely had a lot to say on the matter.

Holly Willoughby popped up in Midsomer Murders last night.

One wrote: "'Is that the Queen of Daytime?' Ah yes, top quality realistic not-at-all-forced dialogue there ITV."

"Was that Holly Willoughby's 'acting debut'? A walking part?" penned another.

A third speculated: "How much did Holly Willoughby pay the #MidsomerMurders writers to get that line in."

In the episode, Willougby's character can be seen at a psychic convention also attended by Dudgeon's character and John Hopkins' Sgt. Dan Scott as they investigate a murder.

Clearly a VIP guest at the event, the host can be seen seated on a throne as the detective pair spot her.

"Is that the queen of daytime?" asks Scott, signalling to Willoughby as she catches sight of them.

The daytime host previously admitted to making quite the mistake during her short but sweet time working on the show.

"So, I've just shot my first scene, and total transparency, it was a scene I hadn't actually noticed that was in my script because I was so focused on the three lines that I had later," she revealed last week.

The 42-year-old continued: "I didn't realise I had to say 'excuse me', so when I walked in and everybody was running their lines. I was like: 'Where is this, in here?' Thankfully, it was only shots of the back of my head! So, so far, so good!"

She's also previously said it was a 'dream come true' to finally make a cameo in the beloved programme, taking to Instagram writing: "This truly was a dream come true… Thank you to the whole team at Midsomer Murders for making me so welcome and really looking after me… I loved every second.


"Tomorrow there is a behind the scenes look at what we got up to on @thismorning and then Sunday 8pm the episode, The Witches of Angels Rise broadcasts on ITV.

"Each year, the Midsomer village of Angel’s Rise hosts an annual Psychic Fayre in the vast and gothic Eddon Hall.

"Founded by the Saint-Stephens family in memory of their late daughter, the event attracts all manner of mediums, psychics and followers of the occult.

"When a body is found surrounded by ritual symbols on the eve of the gathering, Barnaby must step into a world of self-proclaimed witches to find the killer. Crime drama, starring Neil Dudgeon, with Tracy-Ann Oberman and Colin Salmon."

Midsomer Murders: The Witches of Angel's Rise aired on Sunday 27 August at 8pm on ITV1.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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