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Friends fans are going wild at Courteney Cox reenacting ‘iconic’ Monica Gellar scene

Friends fans are going wild at Courteney Cox reenacting ‘iconic’ Monica Gellar scene

No doubt many of you are able to complete the quote before she even says it...

Friends fans have had a hilarious dose of nostalgia after Courteney Cox reenacted one of Monica’s most iconic scenes.

Yep, we bet you can guess it:

Many of you will have seen Friends so many times that you can quote each episode word for word.

But there are also those few scenes that proved so memorable that they became instant cult TV moments.

It’s now been 20 years since we sobbed on the sofa as the gang left that famous apartment for one final time, popping their keys on the counter before heading downstairs for a coffee.

The cast reunited for a reunion special in 2021, showing fans that the stars have never turned their backs on the franchise that made them.

And Courteney Cox, who played Monica Gellar, has now given us the ultimate throwback from one of our all-time favourite scenes.

It's one of Monica's most memorable scenes (NBC)
It's one of Monica's most memorable scenes (NBC)

“Alright, I don’t wanna alarm anybody, but Monica’s hair is twice as big as it was when we landed?” Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) warns us at the beginning of the Barbados two-parter in season nine.

“Okay, when I go places with high humidity, it gets a little extra body... okay?” Monica replies defensively.

Chandler (Matthew Perry) jokes that this was the reason why their honeymoon photos looked like him and ‘Diana Ross’, later joking how he arrived in Barbados with Monica but was leaving with ‘Weird Al’.

When Mike (Paul Rudd) greets the group for dinner, he greets everyone one-by-one, only to become speechless when he sees Monica’s hair.

“IT’S THE HUMIDITY!” she yells, exasperated by all of the jokes.

Cox recently found herself in sunny Miami, Florida, and thought it was the perfect time to recreate the beloved moment.

In a hilarious clip posted to Instagram, she looks out at the view as she opens the door, saying: "I love Miami!"

The star then walks outside, which is when we spot her visibly fluffier hair.

"It’s the humidity!" she shouts.

Fans loved the hilarious reenactment (Instagram/@courteneycoxofficial)
Fans loved the hilarious reenactment (Instagram/@courteneycoxofficial)

Many of her followers LOVED the vid, with some even joining in by throwing out some Friends quotes.

"People don’t know HOW ICONIC THIS IS," one commented.

Another quipped: "Diana Ross is back!"

A third wrote: "I feel so bad for those who haven’t seen where this came from…"

A fourth added: "Hahaha classic."

Featured Image Credit: NBC/Instagram/@courtneycoxofficial

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