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Emmerdale viewers left shocked by sudden death on ITV soap

Emmerdale viewers left shocked by sudden death on ITV soap

Fans of the show rushed to social media to share their reactions

Emmerdale viewers have been left utterly shocked by a sudden death on the ITV soap.

Now, it's nothing new that the beloved show - which has been running now since 1972 - is jam-packed with a whole lot of drama, but the latest character to be killed off has definitely sparked quite the reaction amongst fans.

In last night's Emmerdale episode (29 August), one character died in a dramatic twist without it being revealed at all in the spoilers. Check it out but, you've been warned, there are some major spoilers:

So - who did they kill off?

It was none other than Victor Anderson, played by Eddie Osei who made his debut on the show back in June, whose death comes mere weeks after two other deaths on the ITV soap.

Everything took a turn when Victor was accused of stealing a necklace from Manpreet Sharma and, knowing that authorities would eventually rear their heads looking for him, he ran off.

Victor's wife, Claudette, found it difficult to come to terms with her hubby's disappearance after seemingly committing the crime.

And it wasn't only his wife affected by the ordeal as Victor's son, Charles, was informed about the supposed jewellery thievery and set out to confront his dad.

Victor Anderson was killed off in Tuesday's episode.

Charles eventually found Victor in a church and attempted to speak to him as he walked to the front row.

However, instead of finding his father repenting for his sins - Charles found Victor's lifeless body slumped in the chair.

Claudette then rocked up to the scene and burst into tears, while Charles was in complete shock at what he'd just walked in upon.

While it is not confirmed what Victor's actual cause of death was - it was revealed a few months back that the character had an unruptured aneurysm on his brain.

Fans of the programme have since rushed to share their reactions to the shock episode on social media.

One Twitter user penned: "Victor’s dead!! Yet another shock death that we didn’t see coming so soon!"

Fans couldn't wait to share their reactions to Victor's untimely death.

"Victor’s dead in Emmerdale," wrote another. "Couldn’t believe they pulled another unexpected death shock. We’ve had similar deaths with Rishi and Lloyd…

"Feel bad for Claudette. Still think it was Charles who planted the necklace. Wait till it all comes out…"

A third revealed: "Wasn't expecting that! I thought Victor was faking his illness."

"Victor’s death in tonight’s Emmerdale came as a bit of a surprise," admitted a final Twitter user.

"Didn’t expect his exit to be so soon but was thinking it was possible with the way things were headed between him and Charles…"

You can catch Emmerdale on weeknights at 7:30pm on ITV1 and ITVX, with an hour-long episode on Thursdays.

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