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Fans 'lose their minds' over raunchy new period-drama 'perfect for Bridgerton fans'

Fans 'lose their minds' over raunchy new period-drama 'perfect for Bridgerton fans'

The show is raunchier than any Tudor show you've ever seen before

There appears to be a new raunchy period-drama that has fans up in arms over it's hot and heavy scenes.

Just like Bridgerton and Tudors before it, this alternative history show is the reason why so many women are going to be running to Amazon Prime on 27 June.

If you’re a fan of English royal history, then you’ll be very well aware of the story of Lady Jane Grey.

You may also know her from a famous painting depicting her execution in 1554 after being Queen for only nine days.

The show revises the history of Lady Jane Grey. Amazon Prime
The show revises the history of Lady Jane Grey. Amazon Prime

The 17-year-old was accused of treason (a false claim) and she was beheaded on the orders from Mary I.

In her final moments, she was blindfolded and struggled to find where to place her head, which led to the moment her own death was immortalised forever.

But what if she didn't die and became a boss b**ch? Well, that is what the show aims to explore.

My Lady Jane has been praised by fans for its range of plot - which includes action-packed scenes as well as sordid affairs.

If that peaks your interest, then you can watch the trailer here:

Starring Fresh Kills' Emily Bader and Killing Eve's Edward Bluemel, this erotically charged series is 'an epic tale' which is telling Jane’s story in an alternative line of history.

Inspired by the book of the same name by Cynthia Hand, it’s all about breaking barriers and giving Jane her chance to be remembered for more than just her death.

Speaking to Publishers Weekly, Hand said: “I wanted to write a novel about Lady Jane Grey, who was a strong-willed, bookish teenage girl in 16th-century England.

“She had the misfortune to become Queen, but only for nine days and then had her head chopped off.

“I always loved studying Jane Grey's story in history except for the ending. So, I thought, ’Hey, I'm a writer. I can give her a different ending’.”

It turns out that fans of the show also feel the same way about giving Jane a second chance, and they took to X to express their joy at the upcoming series.

A sexy sword fight? I'm in. Amazon Prime
A sexy sword fight? I'm in. Amazon Prime

One user wrote: “I saw the 'My Lady Jane' trailer last night and absolutely lost my mind over it.”

Someone else commented: “Oh enemies to lovers you will always be loved by me.”

While another person said: “Just saw a pic of a new series that will be coming to Prime at the end of June and I'm SEATED.”

And a fourth believes it’s on the same level as Bridgerton, writing: “This show is perfect for fans of Bridgerton, The Great, and Maxton Hall #MyLadyJane.”

My Lady Jane is avaliable on Prime Video on 27 June.

Featured Image Credit: Amazon Prime

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