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22 Kids and Counting star Chloe Radford has explosive row with partner during daughter’s birthday

22 Kids and Counting star Chloe Radford has explosive row with partner during daughter’s birthday

The pair had quite the heated argument in an upcoming episode of the hit Channel 5 series

22 Kids and Counting star, Chloe Radford, has had a pretty explosive row with her partner during their daughter’s birthday party celebration.

Chloe, who is one small fraction of 'Britain's largest family', was seen having an extremely heated argument with her boyfriend, Jake, in an upcoming episode of the hit Channel 5 series.

In the episode, the 27-year-old called out Jake for allegedly not putting in enough effort as a dad to their one-year-old daughter, Mila.

Things were already off to a tense start when Chloe told Jake: "Whilst living with your parents you've not really got any real responsibilities, have you, because you're still kind of being looked after."

Then, the argument took a turn as they started planning Mila's party with Jake maintaining he hadn't been asked to help organise anything for the milestone occasion.

Explaining her frustrations, Chloe stated: "It's more of a case of I ask if he would like to do something rather than him just doing it.

"See I don't know how much to say without it causing arguments. Things need to change."

Chloe Radford opened up about her relationship with Jake.

Jake hit back: "Well she says she wants help but at the same time she wants it done her way. She's hard to live with... she stresses out quite a bit."


Clearly miffed by the argument, Chloe rocked up to her parents house with the little tot for some support.

"We didn't really know that Chloe and Jake were unhappy," grandmother Sue explained. "I guess you don't really ever know what's going on behind closed doors, do you?"

Opening up some more about her annoyance with Jake, Chloe told her dad, Noel: "He does like go out with his friends and to the gym.

The couple got in an argument about their one-year-old's first birthday party.

"I'm just like, well we're here all day, we're never seeing you, you've not got much time for Mila... You're really not really giving us any of your time. I'm just doing everything for Mila - cooking, cleaning, the washing. It should be that we are fifty-fifty on household responsibilities and with Mila. To me, that seems fair."

Things seemed to be going south between the pair after Chloe moved in with her parents for a month before eventually moving out to a flat with little Mila.

"I've got to take control of mine and Mila's future now..." she revealed while admitting: "At the same time, I am sad I could be facing life as a single mum."

The couple have since been, thankfully, able to sort things out and later reunited once again during the show.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@itschloeradford

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