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Netflix viewers obsessed with '10/10' crime drama rated higher than Harlan Coben's Fool Me Once

Netflix viewers obsessed with '10/10' crime drama rated higher than Harlan Coben's Fool Me Once

The BBC drama first aired all the way back in 2014

If you're anything like me - a sucker for a riveting crime-drama series - but nothing new on TV has been standing out to you recently, it turns out that you may well have been looking in the wrong place.

That's because a batch of Netflix subscribers have stumbled across a chilling psychological thriller dating all the way back to 2014, and by the sounds of things, they simply cannot get enough of it - with many branding it a solid '10/10'.

James Nesbitt stars in this stomach-wrenching drama. (BBC)
James Nesbitt stars in this stomach-wrenching drama. (BBC)

Arguably even more intriguing than this is the fact that the show actually has a higher rating than the much-loved Harlen Coben hit Fool Me Once on IMDb.

While the plot-twist littered Michelle Keegan chiller received a staggering rating of 6.8 on the TV review site, this older and arguably more sinister hit has topped it, with an even more impressive rating of 8.2.

Have I gotten your attention yet? I should hope so. 'But what is this critically-acclaimed boxset you're rambling on about?', I hear you ask.

Well, we are, of course, talking about harrowing series The Missing, which was originally produced by the BBC and aired 10 years ago, becoming such an instant success that a follow-up instalment was soon confirmed.

If you're struggling to cast your mind all the way back to 2014, we'll remind you that the eight-part drama told the heartbreaking story of a young boy named Oliver, who disappeared while on holiday with his family in France.

British acting veterans James Nesbitt and Frances O'Connor play the role of Oliver's devastated parents, while French actor Tchéky Karyo stars as the detective who leads the case, Julien Baptiste.

Yes, the one who BBC went on to launch an entire spin-off series named after.

Anyway, eight years after his disappearance, Oliver's case is closed after police find no answers, but his now-divorced father Tony refuses to give up on him - especially after seeing an image of a little boy wearing the same scarf his son was before going missing.

Along with Baptise, the pair continue searching for the boy, only to discover they're in way over their heads.

Anyone else got chills?

And if you're still not quite convinced to give it a go this weekend, perhaps stellar reviews from fans might assist.

The Missing boasts a huge-name cast. (BBC)
The Missing boasts a huge-name cast. (BBC)

One viewer penned on social media: "Hat's off to the BBC & everyone involved in the production of #TheMissing. Absolutely stellar. 1st class. Some of the best tv I've ever seen."

A second wrote: "#TheMissing is the only reason why I now don't object to paying the BBC for a TV licence. Best thing I've ever watched."

Someone else added: "If I ever go missing I need a man like Baptiste on the case. #TheMissing is one of the most amazing dramas I’ve ever watched, especially S2. Everything about it was just spot on. Exceptional acting, casting, plot and twists. 10/10 in every way. Now I’m gonna go cry about Julien."

While another went on: "I have done nothing but cry watching #TheMissing - Sensational series 10/10."

You can stream The Missing on Netflix now.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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