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‘Twisted’ new Netflix show viewers are branding ‘better than’ Squid Game

‘Twisted’ new Netflix show viewers are branding ‘better than’ Squid Game

The new Netflix series has been compared to a previous hit thriller, but many people reckon this one's even better

A ‘twisted’ new Netflix show has been compared to hit 2021 thriller Squid Game, although viewers are saying this new series is actually – dare we say – ‘even better’.

Many of you will remember the all-out sensation that was Squid Game, which rocketed to the top of charts when it dropped a couple of years back.

The first season had fans hooked as they watched 456 contestants battle it out in a series of children’s games to try and land a huge cash prize... with a deadly end for anyone who lost.

It became Netflix’s most-watched series ever after bringing in 1.65 billion viewing hours in its first four weeks, leaving previous record-holder Bridgerton in its dust.

Since then, it’s managed to accumulate more than 2.2 billion hours to comfortably retain its title, with the likes of Wednesday, Stranger Things season four and DAHMER: Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story following behind.

But now there’s a new South Korean comedy-thriller on the block, and it’s already proving to be a strong rival to its predecessor.

The new Netflix show has been compared to Squid Game (Netflix)
The new Netflix show has been compared to Squid Game (Netflix)

Based on the webtoons Money Game and Pie Game by Bae Jin-soo, it follows eight people trapped inside a mysterious building to participate in a ‘tempting but dangerous’ game show where they earn money as time passes.

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

The new series, which is called The 8 Show, has been winning viewers over after it landed on Netflix last week, with many making the inevitable comparison to Squid Game.

One tweeted: “The 8 Show on Netflix is soo good!! Much better than Squid Game.”

Someone else agreed: “The 8 Show I thought it was like Squid Game but it's better 10/10.”

A third wrote: “Netflix just casually and secretly drop a banger show with The 8 Show. A show that is Squid Game esque, though it's not as violent I will argue it far more interesting. To me the world it showcase reflect our twisted world far more than Squid Game #The8Show.”

A fourth added: “Finished The 8 Show and heol… this is sooo perfect its genuinely just a better and more deep version of Squid Game I hope it blows up. People on tv time who are complaining about it being too violent or whatever obviously didn't get the point.”

You can stream The 8 Show on Netflix now.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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