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Paris Fury 'heartbroken and upset' over reaction to Netflix series At Home With The Furys

Paris Fury 'heartbroken and upset' over reaction to Netflix series At Home With The Furys

Sources close to Paris Fury have suggested she's 'heartbroken and upset' over the reaction to At Home With The Furys

There's no doubt At Home With The Furys has been a massive success for Netflix, with millions tuning into a behind-the-scenes look at the Fury household.

The Netflix show follows the ups and downs of heavyweight champion Tyson Fury coming out of boxing retirement, as well as focusing on Tyson and wife Paris' family life.

At Home With The Furys quickly became the most streamed show on Netflix after its release earlier this month, something Tyson has told fans about on Instagram.

But while Tyson seems pretty happy with how At Home With the Furys has been received, Paris is seemingly not as pleased, if reports are to believed.

Many viewers have praised Paris for how she handles Tyson's mental health battles, but some have commented on how the boxing champion speaks to his wife at times.

Some have even flocked to social media in recent weeks to ask how Paris 'puts up' with Tyson.

Paris is reportedly 'upset' at the reaction on social media after letting the cameras inside her home.

Paris Fury is said to be 'upset' by the reaction.

A source close to Paris told new! magazine: "Paris is heartbroken by the comments she's seeing about Tyson. She has always known he's someone difficult to get your head around and that can be hard work, but she didn't expect him to receive such a bad reception from the public.

"She's so headstrong, so she's finding it hard to see so many comments taking pity on her for the way Tyson's mental health sometimes causes him to behave."

Regardless of the backlash, the source adds that Paris knows Tyson is a great father, though she didn't expect the 'critical view' portrayed on social media.

It comes after speculation surrounding the Furys hiring a nanny gathered momentum online, after former teaching assistant Gabrielle Briggs, 25, was repeatedly seen in the back of shot in many of the shots around the Tyson and Paris' home.

A source has also reportedly told the Daily Mirror that the Fury's do employ a nanny. But speaking back in 2021, Paris hit back at the rumours after they circulated online.

Paris of course plays a huge role in At Home With The Furys.

Paris responded to the rumours in a post on her Instagram story.

She wrote: "I've seen so many of these kind of posts today, so let me state clearly! I don't have a nanny or cleaners. I look after my own children day in day out.

"I wash, dress, feed and care for them. Like many other mothers. For my own reasons we don't have this. But why does it matter if we did or didn't. Be kind people.

"And support each other instead of this kind of negativity towards what any caring parent does."

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