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Netflix viewers urged not to watch 'scary' series Witness Number 3 on their own

Netflix viewers urged not to watch 'scary' series Witness Number 3 on their own

Watch solo at your own risk...

Netflix viewers have been urged not to watch the extremely ‘scary’ series Witness Number 3 on their own.

Any crime-drama lovers out there will be happy to know there's a new series to hit the streaming platform which originally premiered on Channel 5 last summer.

Perfect for a binge-watch at a tidy 45 minutes per episode - viewers are now being warned that they may not want to brave the series alone. Check it out:

Witness Number 3 has finally made its exciting debut on Netflix and has already made its way into the streamer’s 'Top 10' list.

At the time of writing, the four-part series has received the accolade of being 'No.8 in TV programmes today'.

Definitely a suspenseful seat-gripper, the official premise for the series reads: "A split-second means the life of single mum Jodie is about to go into free fall.

"She is subjected to a terrifying campaign of intimidation as a killer tries to terrorise her into silence."

The gritty psychological thriller follows Nina Toussaint-White's protagonist - hairdresser Jodie - whose life is forever changed after she witnesses a killer with his victim right before a murder, leaving her life to 'descend into chaos'.

Nina Toussaint-White plays Jodie in Witness Number 3.
Channel 5/Netflix

She reports the horrific event to the police with her identity being concealed - hence the moniker Witness Number 3.

As Jodie prepares to give evidence, it soon becomes clear that the people who committed the heinous crime will stop at no lengths to take her down once and for all.

Clearly shaken up by the whole situation, the fearful mum tries to do everything she can to protect herself and her son as everyone around her soon becomes a threat.

Eventually being left with no one else to trust, Jodie takes matters into her own hands and promises to keep her son safe, no matter the cost.

Gripping - right?

Viewers couldn't wait to share their reactions to the gritty psychological thriller.

Unsurprisingly, the series has sparked quite the reaction across social media, with many X users rushing to share their views and one viewer begging fellow Netflix users not to brave it alone.

"If you’re watching Witness Number 3 on Netflix do NOT watch it alone like I have," they warned.

A second hit out: "Attention all Netflix addicts! Beware of Witness Number 3, as its spine-tingling and bone-chilling content may leave you restless and paranoid."

Another unfortunate X user was left 'wide awake' around 3.00am before admitting: "Watching Witness Number 3 on Netflix wasn’t the best idea."

"Witness Number 3 got watched back to back, had me hooked from the start," revealed a fourth who clearly thought the terror was worth it.

Well, I know what I'll be watching when I get home.

Witness Number 3 is currently available to stream on both Netflix and My5.

Featured Image Credit: Channel5/Netflix

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