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Netflix viewers go wild over ’10/10’ Scandi thriller as they say ‘cinema is back’

Netflix viewers go wild over ’10/10’ Scandi thriller as they say ‘cinema is back’

Social media users have gone wild over this heart-stopper

Over recent years, several Netflix bangers and cinematic blockbusters have been paving the way for foreign language film and TV hits.

Back in 2020, South Korean thriller Parasite came out on top at the Oscars by taking home the 'Best Picture' award, and the likes of Squid Game (Korean) and Money Heist (Spanish) quickly became some of the most-watched streaming shows of all time.

Since then, the popularity of foreign language media has sky-rocketed, and this week millions of Netflix users have been utterly flabbergasted by a brand new Scandinavian disaster-thriller, which has left viewers perched on the edge of their seats.

The disaster-thriller has received high-praise online.

The ominous 1hr 44 minute Swedish movie - originally released last year - follows the story of the residents in the quaint northern city of Kiruna, which is actually situated in the Swedish part of Lapland.

After a catastrophic rock bust threatens to swallow up the entire town and almost wipes out the population, a group of survivors must fight for their lives.

Amongst the main characters in this spine-tingling survivor hit - titled The Abyss - is Frigga (played by Tuva Novotny), who is forced to balance her life-threatening job as the mine's security manager and her beloved family, when the entire facility starts collapsing.

She must figure out how to stop further sinkholes from appearing in the ground, and protect those she loves from being dragged into the dirt below.

Check out the trailer below:

As well as the dramatic plot, stellar acting and heart-stopping special effects, what makes this dramatic thriller even more mesmerising for viewers is the fact that it's loosely based on a harrowing true story.

There really is a city called Kiruna which, back in 2020, endured a real-life natural disaster.

Extraction activity in the town's mine triggered a catastrophic earthquake, which reached a staggering 4.8 reading on the Richter Scale and became one of the largest recorded in Scandinavian history.

Unlike in the series, however, the real population of Kiruna were given enough warning about the risks of rock busts and earthquakes, and had enough time to prepare and evacuate the affected area.

LKAB reported at the time that the 13 members of mine staff that had been working underground had been evacuated and that thankfully, no one was hurt.

Netflix's latest addition is a guaranteed heart-stopper.

And knowing what they know about the truth behind the latest Netflix thriller, viewers all over the world have been unable to stop expressing their amazement, with some dubbing the series '10/10'.

One implored their X followers: "watch the abyss on netflix … good af"

Another tweeted: "Thrilling and intense! Can't wait to see Frigga's journey unfold in The Abyss. #MustWatch"

"Scandinavian Disaster gotta be weirdest must watch movie genre. #NowWatching The Abyss on Netflix", a third penned.

Another delighted viewer wrote, 'it's soooo good! cinema is back', whilst a fifth went on to describe it as a 'sitting on the edge of your seat kinda movie'.

"Watching it now. So far so good," another added.

Guess I know what I'm binging at the weekend...

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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