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UK’s answer to Selling Sunset slammed by Netflix fans as ‘painful’

UK’s answer to Selling Sunset slammed by Netflix fans as ‘painful’

Buying London follows a team of glamorous estate agents as they attempt to conquer the luxury property market

The UK's answer to Selling Sunset has finally dropped on Netflix and viewers are not impressed at all.

Selling Sunset, a glamorous reality TV series with no hair out of place, follows the lives of the ultra rich in Los Angeles as they sell mansions for extortionate prices, whilst providing viewers with a dose of drama.

It has proven to be a hit for the streaming platform - Selling Sunset now has seven season with an eighth in the works, and viewers love it.

The UK version isn't the first spin off - Selling The OC was a huge success too and now has three seasons.

Today (22 May), Netflix launched the same premise but set in the UK, called Buying London.

The UK offering follows 'property mogul' Daniel Daggers, 44, and his agents at DDRE Global as they attempt to conquer London's luxury property market.

Daggers told The Standard: "My clients are top-tier individuals that are running FTSE 500 businesses, there are entrepreneurs with net worths in the tens of billions,” he says. “I have royal family members from the Middle East as clients, too.”

Buying London shows that Daggers' team revolves of mostly women and one other man.

As well as selling properties in London, they also have clients in Hertfordshire, Dorset and Dubai.

The reviews are in for Buying London. (Netflix)
The reviews are in for Buying London. (Netflix)

Despite the show seemingly having all of the necessary ingredients to ensure it's a hit, it seems to be anything but.

It's important to note that it seems to have come at the completely wrong time. Ultimately, in the UK we are slap-bang in the middle of a bleak cost of living crisis where rent prices are soaring and millions are living in poverty.

Aside from this, though, it seems people just aren't buying into the premise the way they have done before.

Some people think it's scripted, with one viewer writing on X: "Wow, #buyinglondon is worse than I expected. It is so obviously scripted and boring, one episode is more than enough."

Another chimed: "I switched Buying London off at the photoshoot in the first episode, insufferable is not a big enough word for these clowns."

'In poor taste'. (Netflix)
'In poor taste'. (Netflix)

The reviews that are pouring in are going from bad to worse.

Rebecca Nicholson, a columnist for the Guardian, gave it an eye-watering zero stars and dubbed it 'boring and infuriating', and 'probably the most hateable TV show ever made'.


Buying London has left an obvious bad taste in a lot of people's mouths.

One viewer noted on social media: "The new Netflix show Buying London is in poor taste considering the current climate. Plus it's boring."

Another simply stated: "#BuyingLondon is AWFUL".

It might be back to the drawing board for Netflix on this one.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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