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Netflix viewers are all saying the same thing about the ending of erotic thriller starring Kelly Rowland

Netflix viewers are all saying the same thing about the ending of erotic thriller starring Kelly Rowland

The Tyler Perry feature film landed on the streaming service earlier this week

Warning: spoilers ahead

If you're looking to sink your teeth into a brand new binge-worthy box-set or big-name blockbuster this weekend, Netflix viewers are recommending you steer clear of one particular recently-added film.

There have been a string of new Netflix additions recently that have taken viewers by storm. Take true crime doc Can I Tell You A Secret? for instance, or romantic drama One Day.

The film went down like a lead balloon.
Bob Mahoney/Perry Well Films 2/Courtesy of Netflix

Alternatively, disaster movie fans have the new option of Scandi-drama The Abyss to binge their way through.

But, as I say, plenty of social media users are warning movie buffs against a brand new 'erotic-thriller', written and directed by acclaimed Hollywood star Tyler Perry.

The star's latest project - which tells the tale of a criminal defence attorney who falls for the seductive artist she's representing, who has been accused of murdering his girlfriend - has endured a mediocre reception, to say the least, earning just 37 percent on Rotten Tomatoes' audience rating.

It's even more odd when you consider that this sexy court-drama drama also stars a Destiny's Child singer in the main role!

Kelly Rowland stars in the thriller.

That's right, this new Netflix addition sees Kelly Rowland feature as criminal barrister Mea Harper, who is in the midst of a marital crisis with her husband, when charming murder suspect Zyair Malloy - who just so happens to paint for a living - walks through the door, seeking her help.

As she attempts to deduce the truth of the night his girlfriend was murdered, Mea can't help but fall for Zyair, and the two embark on a saucy - and very much prohibited - love affair.

We are, of course, talking about Mea Culpa - and even though this sounds like a great plot for a heart-stopping psychological thriller, viewers have apparently been left less than impressed.

And, according to a multitude of social media users, it's the film's 'anticlimactic' ending that brings it down.

Viewers were not happy with the ending.

As those who've already sat through the two-hour long film will know, the movie ends with the shocking discovery that Zyair absolutely did not murder his wife, who is living happily in the Dominican Republic, and that it was actually Mea's husband's family that set him up.

While this might sound like the drama-fuelled ending, viewers are NOT happy.

"The ending of this movie turning into Get Out is sending me," one joked.

Another hit out: "Mea Culpa actually started off really good…..the build up was good.. had me invested. Then that ending………"

A third wrote: "Mea Culpa was average to me. The ending just felt like they gave up. Tyler Perry does that a lot though."

"Wasted a whole 2 hrs for that foolish ending," another went on.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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