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Netflix documentary about 'date that went from 0 to 100' leaves viewers very surprised

Netflix documentary about 'date that went from 0 to 100' leaves viewers very surprised

People are absolutely loving the 'surprisingly sweet' yet totally 'crazy' docu-film

We all love a good love story, right?

Whether that's a slightly more chaotic one on Love Island, the iconic Polin storyline on Bridgerton or just a good old-fashioned rom-com like The Notebook - it's clear many armchair critics love nothing more than to sink their teeth into the world of on-screen romance.

Well, the one thing even better than fictional or even reality TV love stories are the ones that are actually true.

Fitting the genre perfectly, a documentary has just dropped on the streaming platform all about a 'date that went from 0 to 100' leaving viewers very pleasantly surprised.

Netflix viewers are loving the 'crazy' documentary. (Netflix)
Netflix viewers are loving the 'crazy' documentary. (Netflix)

The film, which dropped on the platform in April last year, follows the likes of Khani Le and Matt Robertson who met on dating app, Hinge.

However, this didn't ended like your usual Hinge date disaster.

Now, just like us all, the pair had no idea exactly what would follow when COVID-19 hit but they were delighted to discover it bizarrely turned their spur-of-the-moment trip to Costa Rica into a months-long adventure.

The pair filmed themselves over almost three months in Costa Rica documenting the tale, titled Longest Third Date.

Check out the official Netflix trailer here:

One X user penned: "Just finished watching longest third date on Netflix. It's about a couple who got stuck in Costa Rica in the early days of the pandemic. They were on their third date. Really upbeat and refreshing."

A second piped up: "Longest third date on Netflix is crazy… being stuck out through country with someone you don’t know."

"Nah, this Longest Third Date doc on Netflix is crazy. Lol," echoed a third.

"Watched #LongestThirdDate on Netflix yesterday," wrote a fourth. "a) What a mad cute scenario. b) Do you think men like that exist?"

Another praised: "Last night I watched the most lovely uplifting documentary on Netflix called 'The longest third date. You have to watch this!!"

And a final X user added: "I just watched the longest third date ever and it was is very surprisingly sweet and enjoyable."

Longest Third Date follows the lives of Khani and Matt. (Netflix)
Longest Third Date follows the lives of Khani and Matt. (Netflix)

If that wasn't enough to persuade you, maybe Rotten Tomatoes will as Longest Third Date currently sits at a pretty impressive 80 percent.

Rolling Stone writes: "The tale of Matt and Khani is quite charming. With any luck they’ll have a great story to tell -- and show -- their grandchildren someday. But that doesn’t mean it makes for good television."

TV Guide added: "Longest Third Date is very watchable, and it actually lends itself nicely to conversations. Weirdly, movies like this almost feel like a vital, and somewhat new, part of our culture right now."

That's this week's viewing material decided then!

Longest Third Date is available to stream on Netflix now.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@moviematt305 / Netflix

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