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Bridgerton fans ‘disappointed’ in ‘botched’ love story of season 3 as viewers feel ‘cheated’

Bridgerton fans ‘disappointed’ in ‘botched’ love story of season 3 as viewers feel ‘cheated’

Now that viewers have devoured every episode of Bridgerton's third season, they're sharing their divisive thoughts

Less than a week ago, Bridgerton dropped the second half of their third season, and you'd be hard pressed to find somebody who hasn't binged the lot already.

The Regency era romance was characteristically raunchy, with most of the 'ton having the opportunity to tend to matters of the heart... and body.

Benedict Bridgerton indulged in a steamy threesome, and Anthony and Kate were making the very best of newly-wedded bliss.

Of course, the focus of the season is friends-to-lovers power couple Colin Bridgerton and Penelope Featherington, portrayed by Luke Newton and Nicola Coughlan.

Bridgerton viewers have spent years watching Penelope fawn over Colin and love him for afar, so to see Colin return her feelings and fall in love was a much anticipated plot line.

Another major part of the latest season of Bridgerton was, of course, whether or not Penelope would confess her biggest secret to Colin.

Viewers have been aware since season two that Penelope is the writer behind the alias of Lady Whistledown.

Whistledown's society papers had held members of the 'ton to account, outed their gossip and even challenged the Queen.

Penelope was wracked with guilt over her actions, but also refused to give it up, as it was the only way she could openly write as a woman.

Of course, in the end, she told Colin that she was Lady Whistledown - and his love and loyalty endured and they got their happy ending.

Now that the dust has begun to settle on the Bridgerton front, viewers are obsessing over each and every detail.

Penelope was unmasked as Lady Whistledown. (Netflix)
Penelope was unmasked as Lady Whistledown. (Netflix)

And while it's clear that the overall consensus is that it was a brilliant season that tied up all loose ends, some viewers have taken issue with the way one relationship was handled.

That relationship is the one at the very centre - Penelope and Colin.

Bridgerton lovers took to Reddit to share their thoughts.

One person wrote: "I wanted to discuss something that's been on a lot of our minds with the release of the second part of Season 3.

"After eagerly waiting through two entire seasons, we were all looking forward to finally seeing the development of Penelope and Colin's relationship.

"However, it feels like the show didn’t deliver as much as we hoped it would.

Some people believe there simply wasn't enough of Penelope and Colin. (Netflix)
Some people believe there simply wasn't enough of Penelope and Colin. (Netflix)

"One of the most crucial points of disappointment this season is the limited focus on Penelope and Colin. After the buildup in previous seasons, we were expecting their story to take centre stage and be as engaging and thorough as Daphne and Simon’s or Anthony and Kate’s.

"Instead, it feels like their relationship was overshadowed, leaving many of us wanting more."

They also added their belief that Colin was far removed from his established 'kind and loving character', and lamented the fact Benedict got more on-screen sex scenes than the central couple.

One person added: "It’s unbelievable how badly they botched the Colin/Penelope love story.

"It felt like the whole season was about setting up future storylines instead.

"Why have Luke and Nic do so much press and then barely have them in the show? I feel very cheated and blame the new showrunner. Big fail."

Another shared: "What irked me the most personally was the lack of loving gaze that the new lovers are supposed to have for each other."

Each to their own, but we thought it was an incredible season!

Bridgerton is available to stream on Netflix.

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