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‘Hidden’ meaning behind why Penelope wears yellow in Bridgerton

‘Hidden’ meaning behind why Penelope wears yellow in Bridgerton

The latest season of Bridgerton focused on Penelope Featherington's friends-to-lovers arc with Colin Bridgerton

It's officially been a week since Netflix treated us to the second half of the third season of Bridgerton, and it's safe to say we've completely devoured the lot.

The Regency-era romance gave us a love story for the ages.

The hugely-anticipated third season graced us with the co-leads Penelope Featherington (Nicola Coughlan) and Colin Bridgerton (Luke Newton) realising their love for one another and falling head-first in love.

Colin accepted Penelope's admission that she is the real voice behind the ton's infamous gossip-led society papers and the friends-to-lovers duo got married in a lavish wedding and welcomed a baby boy.

The attention to detail in Bridgerton is one of the things viewers love most.

Whether its transforming chart-topping hits into classically-arranged symphonies that wouldn't have felt out of place in the Regency-era, the icon atop Lady Whistledown's papers changing after Penelope's identity was revealed, or the detailed outfits - Bridgerton has it all.

Our beloved Penelope was always dressed in yellow throughout the first two seasons - and it appears there's a reason why she was so attached to her dandelion dressing.

In fact, there's a reason why everybody in the 'ton dresses the way they do.

Will Hughes-Jones, the production designer, told Town & Country why the Bridgerton family are so often dressed in blue.

To be exact, it's Wedgewood blue - a shade was found in ceramics and fine china at the time.


This gives them the air of high social status and class that their characters have.

Penelope often bemoans her yellow clothes, and one of her major character arcs is when she decides to start dressing differently.

Screen Rant writes: "Yellow was actually the Regency era's most fashionable colour and the idea of Pen being forced to wear it by her oblivious mother fits the Featheringtons' often comical misfit status (which is commented on at one point early in the season)."

They continue: "Regency era fashion tastes dictated that yellow (along with green, rose, blue, pale purples, and white) was very fashionable, so while Penelope turns her nose up at having to wear it, she is, in fact, professing herself to be 'in vogue'. Whether her ignorance of this fact is intentional is unclear, but it is telling that it is her family that chooses it for her, marking themselves as unaware of the true mark of good taste.


"Given that Lady Whistledown is the self-appointed paragon of virtue, taste, and fashion, it is fitting that she would be frequently seen in yellow as a subtle indicator."

They then conclude: "Bridgerton season 3 sees Penelope move away from bright yellows and pinks to wear more greens and blues.

"Not only does this mean that she's moving away from the control of her mother, but it also brings her closer in her color pallet to the Bridgerton family colours.

"The change is also in keeping with the novels, which see Penelope stop wearing yellow when her mother believes that Penelope is going to be a spinster forever and no longer cares to control her daughter's wardrobe."


Bridgerton is available to stream on Netflix.

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