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'Real reason' behind Love Island All Stars' Callum and Molly's breakup

'Real reason' behind Love Island All Stars' Callum and Molly's breakup

The 2020 ITV stars announced their split last year

The first ever series of Love Island All Stars well and truly kicked off with a bang earlier this week, after two bombshells were dropped into the infamous South African villa within minutes of the show hitting our screens.

As reality telly fans know by now, it's not unusual for producers to bring in a chaos-causing arrival or two throughout the duration of the ITV2 series.

After all, how else do they expect to create toe-curling tensions between seemingly strong couples and initiate high-drama show-downs?

Anyway, the first episode of the star-studded new season - which aired on Monday (15 Jan) - saw presenter Maya Jama reveal that the 12 love-hungry former contestants would be joined by two bombshells.

But it wasn't the famously slow-motion arrival of these former islanders that left fans utterly flabbergasted - it was WHO they are.

The first villa alum to arrive was 2020 winter Love Island star Callum Jones - famed for meeting now-ex girlfriend Molly Smith on the show.

It looked as though the pair - who later shacked up together in their hometown of Manchester - were on the right track with their romance, having remained together for three years since their season came to an end.

Callum and Molly split up last year after being together for three years.

But the couple shocked their fans last year after it was revealed they'd called time on their relationship.

So, you can imagine viewers' surprise when it was revealed that the second bombshell to drop into the All Stars villa was, in fact, Molly herself.

Since joining their fellow returning castmates in the infamous love-shack, many fans can't help but notice that sparks still appear to be flying between the exes.

"Callum and Molly have soo much chemistry, i can’t see them with anyone else , they should just enjoy their all experience paid trip #LoveIsland," one viewer penned on social media this week.

Another wrote: "Callum & Molly broke up 6 months ago of course they may still somewhat love each other and it’ll show".

The couple's split was revealed by a source in September last year.

Molly looked shocked to see Callum on Monday.

They told The Sun at the time: "It’s really sad as they were a sweet couple together but it’s over - and has been for a few weeks.

"They’re trying to stay friends - they were together for over three years - but it’s difficult. I think in the end, Molly wanted to get engaged and that didn’t happen.

"Everyone was really surprised when they split as they were perfectly matched. He’s now moved out of the home they shared and they’ve split custody of their two dogs."

And now, after the couple were reunited on the show, another insider has claimed there may have been more to their break-up.

Callum Jones and Molly Smith first met on Love Island.

The new source - said to be close to blonde beauty Molly - told The Sun: "It all began when Molly started to say to Callum that she thought they should look at buying a house together instead of continuing to rent.

"She just thought they were wasting money so it made financial sense. Obviously as far as she was concerned they were pretty solid – they had two dogs after all – so didn’t see it as a big deal."

The insider went on to claim that Callum had 'totally freaked out' by the level of commitment that Molly was hoping for.

"He totally changed after that and became really cold. That was the beginning of the end," the source alleged.

Exes Callum and Molly entered the villa as bombshells on Monday.

They added that the split was 'very real, very raw' for Molly, who is 'still very hurt by it'.

"Genuinely she had no idea he was going to be there and will have been properly gutted to walk in and him be there," they continued.

"Basically with Molly coming up to her 30th birthday, things naturally started to feel more serious and she wanted to start looking at the next logical steps in their relationship.

"It’s not exactly demanding to have expected Callum to be on the same page given they lived together and owned two dogs".

Tyla has contacted Callum and Molly's representatives for comment.

Featured Image Credit: ITV/Instagram/@mollysmith19

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