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Love Island viewers convinced star is hiding something after spotting ‘clue’

Love Island viewers convinced star is hiding something after spotting ‘clue’

There's been no shortage of drama in the villa since Love Island launched

Viewers of reality TV spectacle Love Island have suggested one Islander is putting on an act after spotting telltale signs.

The show sees regular people go on to become household names each year - and it seems the producers are turning up the heat on how to keep those contestants on their toes and work for a shot at fame.

There's been shock dumpings, a celebrity bombshell which turned out to be reality TV veteran Joey Essex, and a Hideaway twist which has allowed couples to sneak off for alone time whenever they do so wish.

Viewers haven't been left short of drama when settling down each night, faced with a host of explosive rows, sexual tension and heartbreak.

Samantha Kenny, a makeup artist from Liverpool, was left gutted when Joey paired up with his ex, Grace Jackson, who surprised him when entering as a bombshell.

There's been new faces a-plenty and the drama has been served.

This time, everyone's tongues are wagging about new arrival, Tiffany Leighton, a 25-year-old HR coordinator from Hertfordshire.

Upon Tiffany's arrival, it was shock after shock.

She caught the eye of Ronnie, and they had a secret kiss behind Harriett Blackmore's back.

Tiffany's arrival has caused a stir. (ITV)
Tiffany's arrival has caused a stir. (ITV)

Then a kissing challenge led to the two kissing again in front of Ronnie's current partner in the villa, Harriett.

Ronnie then cheekily claimed it was his favourite part of the day.

To add insult to injury, Tiffany snatched Ronnie up in the recoupling, with the two enjoying a steamy night together, and Harriett has been left in a friendship couple with Sean Stone.

Not ideal.

Following all of that juicy drama, viewers have suggested that Tiffany is putting on an act.

They seem to have picked up on the way she communicated with Ronnie versus during her testimonials in the beach hut.

Some people think Tiffany puts on an act around Ronnie. (ITV)
Some people think Tiffany puts on an act around Ronnie. (ITV)

Many believe she puts on an air-head demeanour when around Ronnie but she's actually very intelligent.

One person commented: "Why tf does Tiffany speak like a dumb bimbo in front of the boys but is no where near as annoying when she talks to the girls or beach hut."

Another said: "Is Tiff putting on an act? she seems a lot more... lucid? in the beach hut than she does in her weird empty talks with Sean or Ronnie."

While a third chimed: "So Tiffany can speak normally in the beach hut???"

It remains to be seen whether Tiffany is putting on an act and playing a game, or whether she just becomes more childlike around him due to having a crush.

Time will tell.

Love Island continues tonight on ITV2 at 9pm.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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