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Love Island’s Samatha Kenny has savage response to Joey Essex dumping Grace Jackson for bombshell

Love Island’s Samatha Kenny has savage response to Joey Essex dumping Grace Jackson for bombshell

Samantha Kenny didn't hold back when reflecting on the way she was treated in the Love Island villa

Love Island star Samantha Kenny has hit out in response to Joey Essex dumping Grace Jackson in favour of a new bombshell.

This year's Love Island has been a constant flow of top-tier drama.

The ITV reality dating show delivered on its promise to turn up the heat.

When 12 hopeful singles were thrust into the eye-popping villa, sparks began to fly immediately.

We were thrown the ultimate curve ball when reality TV veteran Joey Essex rocked up as the show's first ever celebrity bombshell.

He opened up about his decision to become an Islander, saying: "I just want someone to like me for me and now from what they see on TV.

"This is exactly why I’m going into the villa because you’re disconnected from the rest of the world and can focus on what actually matters on a far deeper level."

He coupled up with Liverpudlian makeup artist Samantha and the two seemed to be heading for love.

But a huge spanner was thrown in the words on 13 June when Joey's ex, Grace Jackson, entered the villa.

Joey immediately gravitated towards her and the two were in a couple that had all the markings of a long-lasting romance.

Joey's ex, Grace Jackson, entered the villa as a 'bombshell'. (ITV)
Joey's ex, Grace Jackson, entered the villa as a 'bombshell'. (ITV)

But it wouldn't be Love Island without lashings of unexpected drama, would it?

Joey dumped Grace in favour of a new bombshell, Jessy Potts.

Following Samantha's brutal dumping from the island, she has refused to hold back on what she really thinks about it all.

She told MailOnline: "Now she knows how I felt. But at least Jessy went on the terrace to kiss Joey but she did it on the daybeds right in front of me, she's had a taste of her own medicine now.

"I went on Love Island expecting to meet Kev the Carpenter but lo and behold Joey Essex walked in. I haven't watched TOWIE for years but when I was a teenager, I used to watch it for Gemma Collins… I wasn't ever bothered about Joey, it was more the GC and Bobby Norris, they're iconic."

Samantha and Joey. (ITV)
Samantha and Joey. (ITV)

She continued: "I do know a couple of TOWIE people anyway so I wasn't like 'oh my God, there's Joey Essex', it was oh my God, there's Joey because he was on the show."

She added the brutal admission: "If I had seen him on a night out I wouldn't have batted an eyelid but it's because he was on Love Island, which was so unexpected."

Making sure people know where she really stands, she concluded: "People said I was fame hungry and a Joey Essex fan girl… no I'm not, I'm a Gemma Collins fan, growing up."

Fair enough.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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