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Love Island viewers left in shock as clip of Callum slamming partner Jess Gale resurfaces

Love Island viewers left in shock as clip of Callum slamming partner Jess Gale resurfaces

Fans are rushing to social media to share their reactions

At long-last, we've finally come to the end of Love Island: All Stars along with all the relationship drama, bombshell revelations and downright villa chaos that came with it.

Molly Smith and Tom Clare were crowned the winners of the season on Monday's episode (19 February) after beating five other couples in the final.

The pair beat out Molly's ex, Callum Jones, and his new partner, Jess Gale, and left the villa with the whopping £50k prize.

Since then, Love Island viewers have been left in utter shock after a clip of Callum talking about Jess started resurfacing on social media. Have a look:

Now, a few years back, Callum played a game of truth or dare with Molly and fellow Islander, Georgia Steel, which saw him making some comments about the Gale twins, both of who starred in the same 2020 series with him.

During the game, Callum pulled a written question out of a bowl which read: "Who is your least favourite Islander on the series?"

After some thinking, he finally responded: "Maybe the twins?

"They come as a package don't they?" he continued. "Not least favourite but..."

After catching light of the clip, fans of the ITV reality show have rushed to social media to voice their opinions on the matter.

One X, formerly Twitter, user penned: "It’s like a full 360 circle I can't."

Callum and Jess were named runners-up to Molly and Tom at the Love Island: All Stars final.

A second wrote: "Now he coupled up with one of the twins help what is going on."

"POOR JESS LMFAO," quipped a third while a fourth chimed in: "MIND YOU Callum said Jess was his least favourite in his series few years ago ya’ll seriously can’t be wanting him and Jess to win."

A final Twitter user hit out: "Callum: 'I didn’t really look at Jess in the past'. You didn’t even LIKE her in the past."

Others, however, pointed out the fact the game took place four years ago: "He said they weren’t close. You can’t be besties with everyone in the villa. Mind you, this was four years ago."

The news follows Love Island fans noticing a 'heartbreaking' detail in the final.

In a zoomed-in clip - which has since been trending on social media - presenter Maya can be seen going over to Callum and Jess to ask how they feel about landing in the runner-up position.

Fans have since shared their thoughts on a resurfaced clip of Callum talking about the twins.

Whilst she attempts to converse with the couple, however, Callum can be seen looking beyond her, appearing not to listen as he looks for someone in the crowd.

And many Twitter users now believe that he may have been seeking the attention of ex-girlfriend Molly.

"Callum looking for Molly in the crowd last night and not listening to a word Maya was telling him and Jess! I need therapy!" one wrote as they shared the clip.


"Literally he was looking for her only," a third agreed.

Another went on: "I wasn’t sure anybody else saw this, he only wanted to see Molly"

"I noticed that look but I thought it was a look of pretending to be happy for her, but being devastated that the public actually want her and Tom to work," another continued.

Featured Image Credit: ITV/X/@VSVPFERG

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