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Love Island's Tyrique Hyde shows support for best friend Toby Aromolaran amid Chloe Burrows 'cheating' rumours

Love Island's Tyrique Hyde shows support for best friend Toby Aromolaran amid Chloe Burrows 'cheating' rumours

Toby Aromolaran implied his 2021 ex had been unfaithful during their relationship

They were the underdog couple we were all routing for, so it's no surprise that Love Island fans are still reeling from the 2022 split of Chloe Burrows and Toby Aromolaran.

The duo met on the hit ITV2 dating show the summer prior, feeling an instant attraction to one another and - despite a couple of shock recouplings along the way - they went on to become one of the strongest pairings that year.

During the show and in the months that followed their exit from the villa, chaos-causer Chloe and ex-bad-boy Toby gave us countless legendary one liners, and their joint YouTube channel and social media antics often left fans in stitches.

But sadly for their followers, their romance wasn't to be, and just over a year later, they made the heartbreaking announcement that they'd called time on their relationship.

Since then, spectators of their love story have wondered what exactly prompted their decision, but the exes kept relatively hush-hush on what had gone down.

It was only when 24-year-old Toby broke down in tears during last night's instalment of Love Island: All Stars that we gained a never-before-seen insight into their break-up.

Chloe and Toby met on the 2021 summer series before splitting the following October.

After he and new partner Georgia Steele were voted the pairing 'most likely to cheat' on one another after the show, the ex-footballer took the decision to heart, recalling his and Chloe's split.

Speaking to pal Anton Danyluk, he admitted: "Even when we broke up. People always said that I cheated.

"It wasn’t even my choice to end the relationship but I had to end it because it was cheating. When it’s cheating it’s done. It hurts, bro. It hurts to get cheated on. To be classed as a cheater when you've been..."

Breaking down in tears, he continued: "Bro, I can't lie to you. I tell you right now. I was probably going to, like... with that girl [Chloe]. She was it. I was happy.

"It was like, soulmate vibes. And then, after that s**t happened, bro, like... honestly, hardest time in my life. Hands down."

Toby implied Chloe had cheating on last night's episode.

Though he never explicitly accuses ex-girlfriend Chloe, 28, of being unfaithful, in context with Anton's replies, it is heavily implied.

And since then, the implicit accusation has divided fans, former stars and fellow celebs - including 2023 star and Toby's best friend, Tyrique Hyde.

Weighing in on his pal's emotional admission on Twitter, Tyrique shared a clip online with the caption, "Talk your s*** bro… proud of you", giving him his support.

And as if she knew what would air during last night's episode, Chloe yesterday launched a new episode of her podcast, upon which she and gal pal Millie Court discuss the subject of cheating.

Insisting she'd 'never cheat', she explained: "Every boy I have ever been with who has gone on holiday has cheated on me.

Chloe claimed she'd 'never cheat' on her podcast.

"There is something about different water means different morals."

Tyla contacted Chloe's representatives for comment.

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