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Fans slam Tommy Fury after he was spotted in nightclub without fiancée Molly-Mae

Fans slam Tommy Fury after he was spotted in nightclub without fiancée Molly-Mae

'It's so embarrassing,' one person wrote

Of all the places you’d expect to run into ex-Love Islander and professional boxer Tommy Fury, a nightclub in Blackpool isn’t likely to be one of them.

Well, 24-year-old Tommy was recently caught on camera in Trilogy nightclub, appearing ever so slightly inebriated while on a night out with his mates.

While this may seem like normal behaviour for someone approaching their mid-twenties, his life looks very different to a lot of his mates - he’s a dad to one-year-old Bambi and is engaged to one of the most successful influencers on the planet, Molly-Mae Hague.

Molly-Mae has shared that she is currently planning their wedding, after the couple were reported to have hit a rough patch last year.

After Tommy spent time partying with Chris Brown in Dubai whilst ‘surrounded by women’ last year, Molly-Mae was seen without her £600,000 engagement ring for a number of weeks, sparking rumours of a rift.

But the influencer said at the time in a YouTube vlog: “What I would say, having a relationship in the public eye, you deal with things that people in private relationships deal with but obviously everyone is commenting on it and everyone sees it and everyone's all eyes, it's like a fishbowl, that's quite tricky.

"Things that people deal with in private or maybe they don't deal with it, everyone has different things they deal with in their relationship and lives, sometimes it's tricky that things aren't always going to be perfect and aren't always going to be sunshine and roses.”

Even though Tommy and Molly-Mae have seemed to be more loved up than ever in recent weeks, fans have been left irritated once again after footage of the boxer in a nightclub has been doing the rounds on social media.

Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae are soon set to tie the knot.

Many fans have expressed their frustration with Tommy spending late nights clubbing whilst Molly-Mae is at home looking after their daughter and planning their big day.

The footage was shared on TikTok with the caption: "Tommy Fury at Trilogy Blackpool."

Naturally, it went viral and it seems everybody has an opinion about Tommy’s partying.

One person wrote: “Feel like Molly works so hard to get [sic]there image looking perfect and he just messes it up in a heartbeat.”

Another said: “Tommy’s everywhere but home.”

A third asked: “Whys he always clubbing?”

And a fourth echoed: “Nah it’s so embarrassing he’s a whole dad acting like a uni student at freshers.”

Though some people took the time to cut Tommy a bit of slack.

One wrote: “He’s in his early/mid 20s, everyone needs to get a grip and let him enjoy himself.”

Another said: “Why do people forget the lads 24, you can have a healthy relationship and a bevvy with ur mates on the weekend.”

It has been reported that Molly-Mae has recently returned from a girls’ trip to Ibiza and some were quick to point out that she doesn’t get the same negative comments.

"He's probably working or been working and wanted some drinks. Molly was just on a girls' retreat too”, one person wrote.

I guess if Molly-Mae is alright with it, then we should be too!

TYLA has contacted Tommy's reps for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@mollymae / TikTok/@jordand2022

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