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Inside millionaire Tamara Ecclestone’s perfectly organised kitchen in £70m mansion in London

Inside millionaire Tamara Ecclestone’s perfectly organised kitchen in £70m mansion in London

It all looks so neat - although there's one part that has people howling...

We’ve all grown to love the strangely satisfying sight of an organised kitchen in all its glory, but how about the kitchen of a £70 million mansion?

Mind you, it turns out there’s one aspect you’ll never be able to escape, even with all the money in the world... Behold:

Millionaire Tamara Ecclestone recently brought in the big guns to sort out her home, enlisting the help of professional organisers Gemma and Hayley, who run Organise-d.

The duo previously worked in fashion and marketing, but, after going from ‘busy professionals to overwhelmed parents’, decided to make the move into helping others ‘live their best home life’ while saving time, money and ‘sanity’.

“We truly believe an organised home is not only good on a practical level, it is good for the mind,” their website says.

After working their magic for mum-of-two Tamara – the daughter of former Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone - Gemma and Hayley shared a TikTok video of her kitchen.

Tamara brought in the experts to help.

"We have had a fantastic few days working with Tamara Ecclestone and her team in her incredible London home," they wrote.

"The brief was to detox the kitchen and implement systems easy for the family and team to find what they need, and to maintain in the long term."

According to Hello, Tamara lives in a £70 million, 57-room mansion in Kensington, which she shares with husband Jay Rutland and their two daughters.

Tamara and husband Jay.

They added: "We are happy to say client and team are over the moon with the result."

The pair had sorted out 39-year-old Tamara’s crisp drawer, which saw Quavers, Wotsits, Skips, M&S pretzel thins and more all lined up perfectly inside.

Her youngest daughter Serena also had a neat little stash of Ella’s Kitchen goodies.

Another drawer was filled with the likes of Oreos, Hobnobs, Cadbury Fingers, Twix bars, Tunnock’s Caramel Wafers, pistachios, peanuts and mini gingerbread biscuits.


Gemma and Hayley also tackled Tamara’s collection of children’s lunchboxes and water bottles, as well as her mug cupboard – something that left viewers all saying the same thing.

One person commented: “I love that even billionaires have a cupboard full of odd mugs. I love Tamara!”

Ahem, that’ll be perfectly organised odd mugs, thank you!

Another joked: “No BC I thought Tamara Ecclestone would have had all matching coffee mugs. This threw me off.”

People found the mug collection hilarious.

Many others were in awe at the fully-stocked drinks fridge and all of the cereal that had been decanted into labelled boxes.

“The drinks fridge goals,” one said.

They even sorted out Tamara’s cake decorating drawer, placing cupcake cases, cookie cutters, sprinkles and icing tubes into dedicated containers, while the ice creams in the freezer had been organised into a drool-worthy display of Cornettos and other ice cream favourites.

Featured Image Credit: @tamaraecclestoneofficial/@organise_d/Instagram

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