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Geordie Shore star reveals she thought she was going to die after terrifying surgery

Geordie Shore star reveals she thought she was going to die after terrifying surgery

The reality TV favourite opened up about her 'BBL hell'

Celebs who've undergone plastic surgery or suffered a botched surgery often prefer to remain tight-lipped about their hardships, and are often reluctant to discuss them with their online followers.

But one Geordie Shore star is this week breaking that taboo, by telling the harrowing story of her bungled Brazilian bum lift job.

Taking to TikTok, ex-reality star Sophie Kasaei admitted she'd wanted to make her admission for some time, claiming that going under the knife had 'nearly killed' her.

Back in 2016, she explains she was dissatisfied with the look of her 'flat' natural behind and, after being approached by several cosmetic surgeons in Turkey offering 'free BBLs', she began to consider getting fat transferred into her bottom.

Promised an 'amazing hourglass figure' by these doctors - who also assured her that she'd soon start to 'look like Kim Kardashian - Sophie, 34, took a punt and booked a flight.

"Looking back now, I wish I'd just got filler or gone to the gym," she confessed. "I just wish I never did what I did. Even to this day, I can't believe it."

It wasn't until she underwent the surgery that she began paying the price for her spur of the moment decision...

Sophie shared a snap of how her natural bottom looked.

"A couple of days later, I looked at myself in the mirror and was like, 'Wait, should I be this bruised? Should I look like this?'," she continued.

Sharing a snap of her bum-cheeks - which appeared swollen, purple and raw - she opened up about the 'burn marks' that were left all over her back following the procedure, claiming, 'I looked like a sieve'.

Sophie revealed she also received liposuction as part of the free deal, and decided to let the results of the surgery calm down for several weeks before she reassesses the situation.

"From the back, I thought I'd be like, really sucked in, stick thin - I don't know what I was thinking at the time - but I didn't expect to come out of the surgery and look probably bigger than how I went in," she confessed.

After eight weeks, whilst holidaying in Mexico, the Geordie favourite claims she began suffering with an 'agonising' pain in her left bum-cheek.

Sophie began suffering pain in her new bum.

She was then rushed to hospital and administered a drip, after which 'everyone started panicking and running around'.

The on-screen star was then informed by medics that she had an abscess growing inside her bottom and warned that her life would be at risk if it were to burst.

"I was like, 'You know what, no'. Book me on a flight home, because if I'm going to die, I want to die with my family around us," she opened up.

Upon return home, Sophie was subsequently rushed to hospital in the North East, undergoing surgery to have the abscess drained.

"It was hell," she claims. "I felt ill, I couldn't walk, my whole leg was numb. I couldn't even sit on it, it was absolute agony.

"And secondly, my body wasn't what it was supposed to look like, like, I was bigger. I was actually bigger than what I was supposed to be."

During the surgery, doctors reportedly drained one litre of puss from Sophie's abscess.

Sophie was forced to go under the knife to drain the abscess.

She recalled later filming Geordie Shore during a ski-season, revealing she had to have a paramedic to 'pack this wound and help it grow'.

Sophie claimed, however, that though her entry wound was healing, it had left behind a 'horrendous scar' which mimicked a 'shark attack dint' and on top of that, she insists she suffered severe weight gain as a result of her surgery.

Despite her turmoil, thousands of fans took the opportunity to offer their condolences to Sophie in the comments, with many praising her for being so open about her story.

"Well done for sharing hun! Young girls are lead so much by social media & not realising the scary stuff" one penned.

Another gushed: "so gutted how many people go down this rabbit hole, well done for sharing your story!"

"Fair play to u for sharing, if I ever looked like u I most certainly wud never have any ops, u look amazing," a third went on.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@sophiekasaei / Instagram/@sophiekasaei_

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