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Sharon Osbourne strips off to copy Kanye West's wife Bianca Censori's topless look for Halloween

Sharon Osbourne strips off to copy Kanye West's wife Bianca Censori's topless look for Halloween

Sharon copied Bianca's now infamous barely-there look from Italy

A ‘brave’ Sharon Osbourne has 'nailed' Halloween with a hilarious couples costume with husband Ozzy, having both channelled a particularly wild look that Kanye West and his 'wife' Bianca Censori recently sported.

You may recall seeing the photos of Aussie architect Bianca, 28, strolling through Italy in a bizarre barely-there outfit back in September, having walked along the streets with a small lilac cushion to cover her modesty.

And Kanye, meanwhile, was dressed head-to-toe in black, his face mostly covered with a large black hood.

It certainly got heads turning, especially as Bianca’s flesh-coloured tights and see-through heels made it look like she was completely naked beneath the cushion.

But it proved so iconic that it became the inspiration for two other A-listers' Halloween outfits, with Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne replicating their look hilariously.

Kanye and Bianca Censori.
MEGA/GC Images

Posting a snap of their efforts on Instagram, Sharon wrote: “Happy Halloween,” adding a rock horn emoji.

In the pic, 71-year-old Sharon is holding a purple cushion just like Bianca’s to cover up her top half, while she’s also managed to find some nude tights and see-through shoes to complete the look.

Ozzy, 74, meanwhile, is wearing black trousers, shoes, coat and gloves, with his hood, balaclava and sunglasses obscuring his face like Kanye did.

And Sharon’s followers had a lot of love for their couples costume, noting in particular just how good she looked after stripping off, with one commenting in glee: “Omg! It’s Kanye and Bianca!”

Sharon and Osbourne channelled their inner Kanye and Bianca.


Another said it was the ‘greatest thing’ they’d ever seen, while one said the pair had ‘f**kin nailed it’.

“Sharon you are brave and you’re still hott mama!!” a fan also wrote.

And a final added: “You guys are epic! Looking great, Sharon! Happy Halloween to the both of you!”

Others were also happy that the duo had followed through on comments made on their podcast, in which they’d mentioned dressing up as Kanye and Bianca for Halloween.

One said: “Omg you guys actually did it! I love that you followed through from what you said on the podcast!”

Another said: “LOVE THE FIT!! Heard you talking about it on the podcast!”

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@sharonosbourne/MEGA/GC Images

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