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Kanye West caught on camera abruptly stopping pedicure after being hurt by nail tech

Kanye West caught on camera abruptly stopping pedicure after being hurt by nail tech

He stopped the pamper sesh before it had even finished

I'm sure we've all been there when we're at the salon and the nail tech files a little too close for comfort, pushes your cuticle that little too far down or just straight up rips an entire hang nail off when doing an intense buffing session.

Now, while many of us would simply grin and bare it - one particular celebrity decided to stop the treatment altogether.

Rapper Kanye West was caught on camera abruptly stopping a pedicure treatment after being hurt by his nail tech. Have a look:

In the video, uploaded to Instagram by fellow musician Ty Dolla $ign, West, who goes by Ye, can be seen sat down in the corner of the room with an outstretched leg propped out and resting on the nail tech's lap.

The nail tech, who was wearing blue gloves, appears to have hurt the rapper after he let out a shocked 'ah' and 'woah' in pain, as the sound of the clippers follows.

He recoiled slightly back as the nail tech looked up at him and then continued on the tootsies with the sound of the clippers clipping.

While she tried to carry on and finish the pedicure despite the minor blip - it's clear Ye wasn't having any of it.

The father-of-four then got up off of the chair before muttering 'one sec'.

Clearly miffed by the whole ordeal, he shortly resolved: "I'm not gonna do the rest of it. [...] It's my toes, no it's my toes. It's my toes.

"I'm not gonna do it - that hurt. Wrap it up, I'm not gonna do it."

Ye stopped the pedicure session after claiming his nail tech 'hurt' him.

The technician then offers to do the rapper's hands instead but, unsurprisingly, he declined.

He did, however, thank the nail tech for her service before she removed the towel from her lap and exited the shot.

Of course, the internet found the blunder along with Ye's reaction hilarious and rushed to social media to share their reactions to the clip with many finding Ye's 'it's my toes' line particularly comical.

One X, formerly known as Twitter, user commented: "Kanye said: 'It's my toes'."

He sure did - a few times.

Another person, clearly more concerned about the nail tech than the rapper, penned: "I'm just hoping she was still paid in full after what transpired. I felt bad for her."

I mean, it was a pretty awkward moment to say the least.

"This is why I stopped getting pedicures and started doing them myself," revealed a final X user. "They’re constantly too rough with it!"

Well, they do say beauty is pain.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@tydollasign

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