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Coleen Nolan's son Shane breaks social media silence amid claims he cheated on his wife

Coleen Nolan's son Shane breaks social media silence amid claims he cheated on his wife

Shane Nolan has taken to Instagram to post a couple of updates

Shane Nolan has issued a cryptic social media update after cheating allegations were brought to the surface in recent days.

Late last week, the rumour mill went into overdrive regarding Shane, the son of Coleen Nolan, and his wife, Maddie Wahdan.

Reports claimed that the 35-year-old’s marriage to Miss Great Britain had abruptly ended due to alleged infidelity.

Reports claim that Shane Nolan and Maddie Wahdan have split up.

When the allegations hit headlines, it was also reported that Loose Women star Coleen, 58, was ‘disappointed’ in her child.

A source told The Sun: “Coleen is really upset as she adored Maddie and sees her as another daughter."

Neither Shane or Maddie have publicly commented the claims.

Though Shane has recently taken to Instagram to break his social media silence, sharing two videos to his Story.

The first was a clip of a canoeist attempting to navigate some rocky waters.

This was accompanied by the caption: “Therapist: How's it going? Me: Just going with the flow! The flow:"

Shane broke his social media silence by positing some videos.

The second video - shared with the musician's 43,000 followers - showed a toddler going backwards down a slide with the caption: “Me trying to make it to the end of 2023."

I mean, Ronan Keating once said that you say it best when you say nothing at all, right?

Shane and beauty pageant queen Maddie, 28, got engaged on Christmas Eve 2020 and tied the knot last July.

The pair got hitched in a lavish ceremony held at Rushton Hall in Kettering.

However, over the weekend a source reportedly told The Sun that it was ‘sad’ to see the marriage coming to an end so soon.

They claimed: “Shane admitted he'd cheated.

“Maddie can't see any way back from the betrayal, so ended their marriage.”

The couple got married last summer.

They also claimed that Shane’s mum was unimpressed that ‘history is repeating itself’.

Coleen herself has previously been open about how her son’s father, Shane Richie, 59, was unfaithful to her during their marriage.

The pair were married between 1990 and 1999, and the Nolan Sisters star believed that the unfaithfulness had just been a ‘blip’.

Speaking to Big Issue in 2018, the regular ITV panellist said: “When I found out Shane had been unfaithful, I thought it was a blip and we’d have counselling and everything would be fine.

Coleen Nolan was reportedly 'disappointed' by the news.

“If I could go back I’d leave straight after the second affair. I stayed two years too long.”

She explained that while she ‘loved’ the EastEnders actor, she couldn’t keep ‘turning a blind eye’.

“I don’t deserve to be treated like this. And I don’t think this is a great way to bring up my children, thinking that this stuff is OK,” she said.

“In the end, I think we’ve done OK. We stayed really good friends and we still are.”

Tyla has contacted representatives for Shane Nolan and Maddie Wahdan for comment.

Featured Image Credit: ITV / Instagram/@iamshanenolan

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