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Paris Fury was banned from using the toilet when she was a child

Paris Fury was banned from using the toilet when she was a child

Despite living in a palatial mansion now, Paris Fury didn't always have the finer things in life.

If you’ve been watching At Home With the Furys, you’ll have been in awe of the family’s Morecambe mansion.

However, Paris Fury didn’t always live in such luxury and as a kid, lived on a traveller’s site with her parents and four siblings.

There were also incredibly strict rules, with the TV personality actually being banned from using the loo inside the trailer. (Yes, really!)

The TV personality didn't always grow up in the lap of luxury.

Growing up in a traveller community in Doncaster, the young Paris would have to queue to use the communal showers and loos on the site.

This is despite the fact that her parents had two trailers, with the kids sleeping in one and her parents next in the 24ft trailer.

Whilst think this was an unusual punishment for the TV personality, it was actually due to a traveller tradition which her parents had kept.

In fact, the mum-of-six explained this in her book which is called Love and Fury: The Magic and Mayhem of Life with Tyson.

She told readers: “In keeping with Gypsy tradition, we chose not to use our indoor bathrooms.”

“Because the shower and toilet cubicles were so near to the cooking and eating areas, Travellers considered it unhygienic to use them – or to launder clothes and tea- towels in the kitchen – so we’d head outside to our purpose- built wash block instead.”

Though she became used to trekking out in the cold, Paris does admit the practice is a little strange for anyone outside of the community.

Fury admitted that the tradition 'hardened' her.

However, the TV star, whose maiden name was Mulroy, insists that the tradition hardened her and her four siblings.

“Anyone unfamiliar with our community might have found this ritual quite strange, but it was an age-old part of our culture that we became totally accustomed with,” she wrote.

Paris then joked: “The four Mulroy kids got used to waiting their turn in the bath shed queue; it certainly hardened us to the elements, especially in the middle of winter.”

She also revealed that her mum was incredibly house-proud growing up, with the home always kept immaculately tidy and plenty of toys for kids.

Unsurprisingly, Paris has the same approach to her Morecambe mansion with the £550,000 decorated in lavish Versace interior.

If that weren’t opulent enough, the home is also furnished with golden thrones and a huge walk-in-wardrobe to sort her multiple Chanel handbags and £50,000 shoe collection.

It’s quite the step up from having to walk to the loo every day.

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