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Nikki Glaser’s parents issue apology following viral Julia Roberts and Travis Kelce video which left Taylor Swift fans upset

Nikki Glaser’s parents issue apology following viral Julia Roberts and Travis Kelce video which left Taylor Swift fans upset

Julia Roberts met up with Travis Kelce at Taylor Swift's Dublin show and the footage quickly went viral

The parents of American comedian and actress Nikki Glaser have apologised following their comments about Julia Roberts and Travis Kelce going viral.

Travis has been making headlines as of late throughout his beau Taylor Swift's Eras Tour.

Recently, on 23 June, he featured as one of her backup dancers and carried her off stage, sending fans into a complete frenzy.

Shortly afterwards, he snapped a selfie alongside Taylor, Prince William, Princess Charlotte and Prince George.

Yet it's another moment that has set the internet alight in recent days and seems to outweigh the reaction of everything else.

On Monday (1 July), during Taylor's show in in Dublin, Travis came face to face with Pretty Woman actress Julia Roberts.

Footage captured by actress Nikki Glaser showed Julia appear to be clawing at Travis' chest, with the altercation prompting body language experts to get involved.

Body language expert Darren Stanton, speaking on behalf of Spin Genie, told Tyla: "Julia and Travis both appear very comfortable in each other’s presence - it’s as if they've been friends for years! Their body language is very close and there’s an instant rapport between them.

"Her hands are on him, with her fingers tickling the top of his chest. She’s more open than he is, but he’s still fairly open and appears to reciprocate her body language."

The footage went viral. (TikTok/@kelleyfarrelly)
The footage went viral. (TikTok/@kelleyfarrelly)

He continued: "He’s not pulling away or doing any facial expressions to say he’s not comfortable," the expert went on. "He isn’t showing any signs of fear either.

"It could be that Travis is in a little of awe, but I don’t get that impression.

"He took the meeting in his stride and reciprocated the body language back to her."

Many Swifties quickly rushed to social media to question what went down, with one person writing: "Whoa Julia…. She needs to calm down lol he is uncomfortable."

As another said: "What is she doing? She's making Travis uncomfortable scratches his shirted chest."

And now, alongside the Swifties, Nikki Glaser's parents Edward and Julie Glaser have weighed in.

Julie said: "She's so gross," to which Edward then added: "The scratching is weird."

And yesterday (2 July) they shared a tongue-in-cheek apology.

Nikki shared it, and captioned the video: "My parents finding out their innocuous comments from my IG story got picked up by the press...."

In the apology, Julie said: "I'm issuing an apology right now. I meant to say just weird, not gross and weird."

Husband Edward then chimed: "They didn't get my quote. Where I said, 'She's used to people acquiescing to whatever she wants. And then later I said, 'I'll acquiesce to whatever she wants.'"

Then Julie concluded: "Julia Roberts, she's a good actress. But a terrible flirt."


Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@nikkiglaser / TikTok/@kelleyfarrelly

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