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Nicky Hilton finally shares son’s ‘unusual’ name almost two years after his birth

Nicky Hilton finally shares son’s ‘unusual’ name almost two years after his birth

She opened up about her family life

Nicky Hilton has finally shared her son’s 'unusual' name almost two years after his birth.

The 40-year-old American socialite and fashion designer has opened up about the choice in moniker for the toddler after first announcing his birth back in July 2022.

The mum-of-three also shared a little more info about how she and her hubby, James Rothschild, are handling life as parents.

Nicky Hilton announced the birth of her son back in July 2022.

Nicky, whose younger sister is The Simple Life star Paris Hilton, spoke to Us Weekly about the name she and James eventually settled on for their youngest - Chasen.

"We always liked the name, and it was unusual," she told the outlet.

She also revealed that little Chasen is now 'trying to talk', adding, "He’s saying lots of words but no full sentences yet."

Nicky also shares two daughters with James; six-year-old Lily-Grace Victoria and Theodora 'Teddy' Marilyn, five.

She also shared that the three siblings have a close bond with Chasen, saying: "He’s so sweet and his big sisters adore him."

Nicky continued: "They love him. Zero jealousy. They just dote over him.

"I’m very lucky that all of my children get along extremely well. The girls have their occasional bickering, but everyone gets along."

She also described the bub as 'very, very serious' and just 'like his dad', while daughter Teddy is 'a little more quiet and reserved' and 'definitely more girly and feminine'.

Nicky and James landed on the name Chasen for their youngest.

And, as for her eldest, Nicky said Lily-Grace is the most like her and is 'a little more quiet and reserved'.

The mum also shared that she and James are open to the possibility of expanding their family-of-five, teasing: "You know, never say never.

"But we’re very happy right now."

Nicky has previously been very candid about her motherhood journey, previously telling People back in 2020 that the biggest lesson she's learnt with parenting was: "Patience and being the best version of yourself."

Discussing her experiences with 'mum guilt', she added: "I think all mum suffer from mum guilt.

"I think we could all do better at that and it's important to still do the things you love. Don't let your children completely take over your life. Navigate that balance and find that balance."

Nicky revealed: "Whenever I do work trips, I'll feel guilty about leaving the children. But at the same time, I think it's also setting a good example for your children about working on what you're passionate about.

"I want to lead by example."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@nickyhilton

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