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My Mum, Your Dad star Monique addresses 'secret relationship' with Clayton

My Mum, Your Dad star Monique addresses 'secret relationship' with Clayton

Monique Payneeandy has spoken out after fans thought she was secretly seeing her co-star Clayton Byfield

One of the stars on My Mum, Your Dad has broken her silence on a rumoured ‘secret relationship’ with another member of the cast.

The popular ITV dating show involved grown-up children nominating their parents to go to a luxurious retreat with other singletons above a certain age for another chance at finding love.

One of the mums, Monique Payneeandy, has now addressed the gossip suggesting she’s been secretly seeing her co-star, Clayton Byfield.

Taking to Instagram, the 50-year-old mum shared a picture of herself posing with Clayton to confirm they’re not actually together romantically.

My Mum, Your Dad stars Monique and Clayton addressed dating rumours.

“@claytonbyfield you are another rib in my cage,” she captioned the post, alongside three laughing emojis.

The post was flooded with comments from fans who literally jumped to conclusions.

“OMG are you two together??” one fan quizzed.

“U two look great together,” another person commented, along with a heart-eyes emoji.

“Seems to be a fit!!??” added an Instagram user who was clearly trying to play cupid.

However, Monique set the record straight by adding her own comment, which read: “Aww. We are not together but he is the absolute best hooman!”

Clayton weighed in himself and added: “Awe thank you Monique.”

The wholesomeness is almost too much to bear!

It seems fans are having a hard time believing them.

Monique with fellow My Mum, Your Dad co-star Clayton and his son Christian.

“You should be you’d be fab together,” another social media cupid declared.

“I was going to scream then lol lovely picture,” someone else typed.

Meanwhile, others simply wished the best for the pair even if they’re not in a relationship.

“Great pic. Loved the show & wishing you all every happiness,” a viewer shared.

Monique is a therapist from Winchmore Hill, north London said her daughter Taiya, 21, nominated her for the show ‘to dip my toes back in the pool of dating and try and connect with someone and find love, and experience living with other people again’.

Monique also described the man she was looking for.

“Someone handsome and tall,” she said.

“Someone who makes my heart flutter! And someone who knows exactly what he wants. I don’t like pastries, so we don’t do flakes.”

And pastoral support worker Clayton, 57, from Nottingham, who was nominated by his son Christian, 35, divulged what he was hoping to find on the show.

“I’m looking for someone who I find physically attractive - I won’t make any excuses for that - but also someone that’s family orientated. We have a lot of gatherings and BBQs.”

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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