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Molly-Mae Hague makes heartbreaking admission about body confidence after previously opening up on trolling

Molly-Mae Hague makes heartbreaking admission about body confidence after previously opening up on trolling

The Love Island beauty opened up about her insecurities

As women, we're often subjected to pressure from social media, movie stars and supermodels to look a certain way.

Be taller. Buy this make-up. Get botox. Have clearer skin. Have long hair. Be thinner. Have longer lashes. Get lip filler. Buy nicer clothes. Be more natural.

It's almost impossible not to feel a certain type of negativity about our appearance.

Naturally, however, this self-criticism can often be harder for big-name celebrities, who have the added pressures of the paparazzi and millions of fans questioning their every image.

And sadly, no one is more aware of this reality that Molly-Mae Hague, who has been subjected to brutal trolling about her appearance throughout the duration of her stint in the spotlight.

Since rising to fame back in 2019 when she came second on Love Island with now-fiancé Tommy Fury, the blonde beauty has signed numerous six-dollar brand deals, racked up a staggering 7.9 million followers on Instagram and even welcomed her first child.

But in amongst the countless achievements that have come hand-in-hand with her fame, Molly-Mae has faced colossal backlash from her followers over her looks.

In August last year - six months after she and Tommy welcomed their daughter Bambi together - the star opened up about some of the comments she's received about her post-baby bod.

The 24-year-old started by revealing that one keyboard warrior said she looked 'bloated' and even suggested she had 'water retention'.

Molly-Mae opened up about her body confidence.

Molly-Mae went on to admit that such body shaming comments have made her feel 'a little bit crap'.

"I've been trying to make some effort recently," she said at the time. "I've had a few humbling experiences this week and it's a bit rubbish when you're actually trying to make some effort."

And this week, the social media beauty has once again lifted the lid on some of her deepest insecurities.

During an Instagram Q&A - whilst attempting to spread body positivity with her fans - the mother-of-one simultaneously revealed that she is often victim to severe self-criticism.

After one fan asked her for advice you're "struggling with body confidence in the run up to summer".

The star issued some words of advice to her fans.

The mother-of-one penned back: "Can relate! I genuinely think that’s why I don’t love summer because it’s too hot to wear tracksuits and cover up!"

"Which is sad really. Just know you’re not alone with this one... But truthfully no one cares about how your legs look in those shorts or how your arms look in a vest. I have to remind myself of this too!"

Go, MM!

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@mollymae

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