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Molly-Mae Hague praised by fans for admitting to making Bambi mistake

Molly-Mae Hague praised by fans for admitting to making Bambi mistake

Molly-Mae took to Instagram to admit she'd made a parenting mistake with eight-month-old daughter Bambi

Fans have praised Molly-Mae Hague after she admitted to making a big mistake with baby daughter Bambi.

Yesterday, the At Home With The Furys star took eight-month-old Bambi out to a coffee shop and they posed for an adorable picture together.

Molly wrote on Instagram: "Can’t wait for my favourite season with you baby girl…"

But the star went on to admit that she'd made a mistake with her daughter that day.

Molly-Mae pointed out mistake whilst out for coffee with daughter Bambi.

Fans were quick to praise the mum-of-one as she admitted to making a mistake with her young daughter, saying, "we've all been there."

Molly-Mae revealed: "...maybe I did forget to put socks on her today [upside down smiling emoji].

"(also this hot choc went flying 10 seconds later and destroyed my Uggs x)."

After the candid confession, fans reassured her that the absence of Bambi's socks was no big deal.

One person commented: "Molly we’ve all been there and done that with our kids. There’s been times I’ve forgotten an extra outfit and had to nip to a shop to buy another outfit after a poo explosion."

Fans were quick to reassure Molly that it was no big deal.

Another wrote: "My son never had any socks on at this age always pulled them off, such a cute baby."

A third admitted they'd done the exact same thing: "PS. I also forgot to put socks on my little girl today. It happens".

The Love Island star and influencer has been subject to cruel mum-shaming and mean comments since giving birth to Bambi back in January, including swipes at her lavish nursery, large wardrobe and expensive pram.

The new mum has also admitted to struggling parenting solo after falling ill while fiancé Tommy Fury is away training for his upcoming boxing match with KSI.

Molly-Mae admitted to struggling while fiancé Tommy Fury has been away.

Molly was anxious she'd make Bambi sick after catching a nasty bug on a flight home from New York and said caring for the youngster while unwell was 'a shock to the system.'

In a recent vlog on YouTube, she said: "I've been back from New York for four or five days now and guys I have been so unwell. You might be able to hear it in my voice.

"I'm starting to get better now. It was a real shock to the system, I was plummeted straight back into solo parenting completely jet lagged and I came back with a really bad flu."

She continued: "This is not me complaining because I was literally so excited to get back to Bambi. I was so excited to spend time with her one-on-one. That's all I wanted.

"But I was so upset that I was so unwell because I knew that I was going to come back from New York, make her poorly, and really struggle with solo parenting."

Featured Image Credit: @mollymae/Instagram

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