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Married At First Sight UK star John James Slater's model ex-girlfriend finally revealed

Married At First Sight UK star John James Slater's model ex-girlfriend finally revealed

The identity of JJ's mysterious model girlfriend has been revealed and you may recognise her...

Married at First Sight UK contestant John James Slater (known as JJ) once dated a Victoria’s Secret model and her identity has now been revealed.

JJ, a 30-year-old clothing brand owner, who has described himself as being a ‘player’ and a ‘party boy’ after living in Los Angeles, told the MAFS UK experts that his ex-girlfriend worked for a famous lingerie brand. He admitted he always went after ‘good looks’ when searching for a partner.

JJ posted a bunch of Instagram Stories featuring Kelsie in 2019.

JJ’s ex-girlfriend is US model Kelsie Jean Smeby who boasts over a million Instagram followers. You may recognise her from her work with Guess and online retailer, Fashion Nova.

During their relationship, JJ and Kelsie spent time mingling with the likes of supermodels Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid.

JJ shared videos of himself with his ex on Instagram when they were together in 2019, with one clip filmed by him showing the moment when his ex removed her gown, which had the words ‘morning sex’ written on the back.

Speaking on the show about what he’s looking for in a relationship, he said: “My ex was a Victoria's Secret model and amazing to look at... I loved going out with her, she was really, really, really pretty and the relationship was pretty wild.

The pair went on dates in LA.

“At the time I definitely thought that I was in love with her but if you're going to play with fire then expect to get burnt.”

JJ has been paired with business owner Bianca Petronzi, 30, who has started questioning whether her new husband feels affection for her after the vibes were apparently off during their honeymoon.

He admitted on the show that Bianca isn’t his ‘usual type’. Even though he apparently went on the show to change his usual dating habits, after what he has gone for has failed in the past.

Bianca said: "My husband's definitely a catch, he's very good looking. He's very much what I'd go for actually, so I'm really pleased."

JJ on Married At First Sight UK.

But he said: “Bianca is warm, welcoming, she made me feel at ease. But when I put my time and effort into someone, usually there's that sexual attraction straight away. At the moment, she might be a bit more into me than I am her. It does worry me a little bit that we may not be on the same page completely.

"I don't want to sound disappointed, but it wasn't love at first sight... It is difficult because she is a nice girl, but she isn't like the girls that I usually go for."

Tyla has reached out to Kelsie for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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