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Reality TV star Lucy Watson admits she will be raising her newborn baby as a vegan

Reality TV star Lucy Watson admits she will be raising her newborn baby as a vegan

Made in Chelsea star Lucy Watson has revealed she will be raising her newborn as a vegan.

Reality TV star, Lucy Watson, has decided she'll be raising her not-yet-born-baby vegan.

Best known over the years for her role in Made In Chelsea, Lucy announced she was expecting her first child with husband, James Dunmore, last week.

Lucy and James tied the knot in 2021, years after meeting on Made in Chelsea all the way back in 2015.

The couple announced their engagement in 2020 after five years of dating, and toasted to their future with the message 'here's to forever'.

Announcing their upcoming arrival, Lucy posted a photo of her baby bump, alongside the caption: 'Our little miracle'.

In the comments, Lucy's sister Tiffany said she was 'so happy and excited' for the couple, and commented that she couldn't wait for a new member in the family.

Plenty of others sent in their own messages of congratulations to the couple regarding their 'lovely news', while some expressed disbelief at the announcement by tagging their friends and writing 'OMG'.

Lucy Watson announced she was expecting last week.

A fan commented to tell the couple that they 'can't tell you how long I've been waiting for this', and the happy messages continued to roll in for Lucy and James.

Now that the main news has been made public, Lucy has seen provided fans with an insight into her pregnancy journey.

On Friday (22 September), fans were given the opportunity to pose some questions to the reality TV star, with one asking whether she would raise her baby as a vegan.

Lucy has long spoken about her vegan lifestyle and has even released two cookbooks for recipes for a plant-based diet.

Speaking on Instagram, Lucy said: "For me, veganism is a promise I made to the animals, one I will never break," referring to the moment she watched a baby lamb get slaughtered on her family's farm when she was younger.

"In terms of my diet, I’ve made a conscious effort to eat less processed food and more whole foods.

"Also - protein. I made sure I got at least 60g a day, protein is the building blocks of life and essential to grow a baby. Very achievable to get everything you need on a vegan diet, you just need to make a conscious effort, such as with any diet, to meet all your nutritional needs."

The couple have been married for a couple of years.

The Made in Chelsea star then went on to discuss raising her newborn as a vegan.

"I’ve had many people along this journey tell me you need to give up the vegan diet, it's stopping you getting pregnant, etc," she explained.

"That is not the case, and for anyone dealing with the same doubts, I can assure you it is and can be a very healthy approach to pregnancy."

"There are people who are crack addicts who get pregnant," she continued. "Being vegan is not going to stop you. And yes, our baby will be vegan."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@lucywatson

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