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Lottie Moss admits she'll 'never compare' to sister Kate Moss

Lottie Moss admits she'll 'never compare' to sister Kate Moss

Lottie Moss stars in the latest season of Celebs Go Dating

Lottie Moss has admitted that she'll 'never compare' to her older sister Kate, adding that the constant comparisons have seriously affected her self-esteem.

Kate Moss has been a household name for years, from her modelling and fashion, to her work in film.

Lottie, 24 years her junior, has often lived in her shadow, leading to the 25-year-old questioning what she is good at.

The pair are half-sisters and share the same dad, Peter Edward Moss.

In her own career, Lottie has chosen to pursue OnlyFans, posting explicit content to paying subscribers on the adult site.

However, when it comes to her relationship with Kate, things are not so good - with Lottie confirming in an episode of Celebs Go Dating that she has a strained relationship with her older sister.

In fact, Lottie admitted to feeling 'abandoned' by Kate, something she believes has impacted how she is in relationships.

On the show, Dr Tara asked: "So, your sister is Kate Moss. How do you feel about being her little sister?"

To which Lottie responded: "It’s hard when you’re constantly compared to her.

Lottie Moss has opened up on her relationship with Kate.
Channel 4

"Every person’s house I go to has some sort of Kate Moss poster, Kate Moss book, Kate Moss Diet Coke can… Everyone brings her up, and it’s my last name.

"I don’t feel that anything… I felt for a long time that nothing I did was ever gonna be as good as what she’s done. I can’t top that. So, where does that leave me?"

Dr Tara stopped Lottie in her tracks though, telling the OnlyFans model some words of encouragement.

"There’s no need to top it, there’s no need for comparison," she said.

"You’re a completely different person, you’re a different woman. And I think the fact that you’ve received so much negative feedback about who you are in relation to her has affected your self-esteem a lot."

Kate and Lottie pictured together [middle] at a fashion event.
David M. Benett/Getty Images for Topshop

Lottie agreed, before adding: "I tried to take my power back by doing something I really enjoy, which is OnlyFans.

"As soon as I did that, all the people that were commenting saying, 'You’re never gonna be like your sister, quit modelling, it’s never gonna happen for you, you’re just not as good as her…', all those people then turned around and went, 'You should be more like your sister'."

The interview then took a more positive turn, as Lottie had a revelation.

She added: "I’m never gonna make everyone happy. At that point, I was like, I now know I can’t make everyone happy, so I’ve just gotta do what makes me happy."

Featured Image Credit: David M. Benett/Getty Images for Topshop/Channel 4

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