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Fans left feeling 'ill and upset' after spotting Kylie Jenner's shoes at Paris Fashion Week

Fans left feeling 'ill and upset' after spotting Kylie Jenner's shoes at Paris Fashion Week

Kylie Jenner's choice of footwear at Paris Fashion Week has raised some eyebrows

Fans have been left recoiling in horror after catching a glimpse of Kylie Jenner's somewhat questionable footwear while attending Paris Fashion Week.

Okay, while I fully acknowledge that I'm absolutely no expert in fashion, there's a reason why these shoes have left fans of The Kardashians star feeling 'ill and upset'.

On Thursday (28 September), Kylie attended Schiaparelli's spring/summer 2024 show and sat on the front row in support of sister Kendall Jenner, who closed the event with a rather unusual runway walk.

In aid of the occasion, Kylie wore a stunning nude, crystal-embellished Schiaparelli gown, accessorised with a thin gold bracelet and sparkling oversized earrings, along with her hair styled in soft waves and minimal makeup topped off with a complimentary nude glossy lip.

To put it shortly, she looked amazing.

But the only not-so-amazing aspect of her look was her questionable choice of footwear that's left people feeling slightly uneasy.

While many would expect a simple strappy heel or stiletto with an outfit like that, Kylie opted to wear a pair of nude leather pumps that featured a sleek silhouette with a moulded front that clung to and exposed her toes.

While Kylie Jenner's Schiaparelli outfit was all in all stunning, the 'toe' shoes left fans feeling a little unsettled.
MEGA/GC Images

The pumps, which also came from the Italian fashion designer, are the latest in the 'toe-inspired footwear' trend - but its not a trend that people seem to be loving.

Fans have flocked to social media to share their anguish over the toe-shoes, with one writing simply on X: "Kylie Jenner’s shoes are making me feel ill."

Another so expertly pointed out: "Looks like a mannequin from the bins behind Debenhams," while someone else joked: "Like when you dip your finger in candle wax but it’s your toe."

You can't unsee the candle wax, to be honest.

And another added: "The dress is gorgeous but what in the world is going on with those shoes?"

Kylie attended Paris Fashion Week with sister Kendall Jenner.

As much as people seem to be hating on the toes, it seems they're here to say... well, at least they are for Schiaparelli.

For the last few seasons, the Italian designer has seemingly had a thing for toes, previously creating pumps with the tips sculpted to look like gilded talons.

One fan of the designer pointed out online: "Schiaparelli’s whole thing is incorporating body parts into their fashion in weird & exaggerated ways. Their toe shoes are just one of the things they do."

And another pointed out: "Surrealism has been a cornerstone of the Schiaparelli brand for the past 100 years. This is tame for them."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@kyliejenner / MEGA/GC Images/Getty Images

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